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    Villaya Collective Solutions


    Sustainable and scalable solutions for off-grid households, villages and micro enterprises

    Villaya Collective Solutions
    • Features

      The Villaya range addresses the energy need of off-grid households, villages and micro enterprises through a range of renewable energy solutions. This range has products and solutions for battery charging station, micro grids and solar water pumping system. These innovative solutions are specially designed to promote entrepreneurs who provide energy services in sustainable business model.

      The Villaya Collective Solution range consists of following offers:

      • Villaya Battery Charging Station - Solar and Grid powered Battery Charging Station for lighting and mobile charging
      • Villaya Solar Water Pumping System - Solar powered fully automatic water pumping system  using variable speed drive compatible   
                                                    with AC, 3-phase, submersible and surface mount pumps
      Villaya AC micro grid - 2kW to 24kW AC Micro Grid solution for Electrification of off-grid villages
      Villaya DC micro grid - 0.5 kW to 10 kW prepaid DC Micro Grid solution with centralized generation and distributed storage enabled 
                                    through prepayment solution.