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TeSys F

Contactors for motor control up to 670kW/440 V and power switching up to 2600A

Part of TeSys

TeSys F is a range of high current contactors from 115 A to 1000 A designed for AC-3 applications and from 200 A to 2600 A for AC-1 applications.

TeSys F
  • Features

    ●TeSys F range
       -2 pole (400A, 500A & 630A), 3 pole (115 - 2600A) & 4 pole (115A - 780A) pole contactors
       -Pre assembled 3 pole AC-3 reversing contactors (115A – 265A) & 4 pole AC-1 change-over contactors (200-350A)
       -Wide range of AC (40…400Hz) and DC control voltages
       -Multiple options for connecting bus bars & cables
       -Wide range of accessories to improve flexibility & safety
       -Fast, simple mounting together with TeSys GV7-R circuit breaker for motor starter solution
    ●TeSys F AC3 range
       -For motor applications up to 670 kW / 440V
       -Control of all types of motors in normal or severe service conditions
    ●TeSys FG range
       -150A to 630A
       -Shockproof contactors  for A.C. & D.C. applications
       -Avoid accidental closing of contactor due to severe mechanical shocks
       -Mechanically locked in “open” position when electromagnet is not energised
       -Switching of 3-phase capacitors & LV/LV transformers
    ●TeSys CR1 F
       -Magnetic latching contactors
       -150A to 630A in 3pole & 4 pole versions
       -Block type suitable for applications requiring contactors in ON condition for longer periods
    ●TeSys F AC1 range
       -For switching applications 1250A to 2600 A/AC1   


    ●TeSys F offers very high performance in motor control & power switching applications   
    ●Proven reliability & high electrical durability
    ●Combined with the LR9 electronic relay or GV7 motor circuit breaker, AC3 contactors are the ideal motor starters, offering quick & simple selection
    ●Shared accessories across the range offers greater flexibility
    ●Withdrawable type coils allow easy maintenance
    ●TeSys F contactors guarantee electrical coordination with fuses and Masterpact NW circuit breaker offers


    ●Control of all types of motors and distribution circuits
    ●Industry, infrastructure, building, Wind turbines , Photovoltaic, data centres, etc.
    ●Control of resistive, inductive and capacitive circuits
    ●Frequency drives and soft starters
    ●Light distribution circuits, Induction furnaces, etc.


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