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Acti9 iPF K

Surge Arrester Devices Type 2 from 20 kA to 65 kA

Part of 9 Series

Discover Acti 9 DIN rail type 2 Surge Arrester Device. Every equipment in the industry has varied threshold, to ensure only permissible current value flowing through it, Surge Arresters are introduced in the circuit. These are safety devices that ensure protection against induced or conducted surges cause by lightning strikes. Schneider Electric has designed solutions for all industrial equipment that can survive high stress values and energy capabilities.

Acti9 iPF K
  • Features

    With exclusive features, Acti 9 iPF & iPRD DIN rail type-2 Surge Arrester Devices are definitely geared to absolute safety and improved continuity of service.

    • Class-2 insulation : continuous safety for operators and unqualified personnel.
    • VISI-TRIP : detects faulty type-2 Surge Arrester Devices (SPDs) outgoers quickly and reduces intervention time.
    • Maximum discharge current: 8 to 65 kA.
    • Surge Protector Device (SPD)/disconnector combinations certified for short-circuit current withstand, Isc, up to 50 kA (IEC 61643-11+ A11, version 2007).
    • Maximum continuous operating voltage, Uc = 340, 460 V.
    • Suitable for any earthing system: TT, TN-S, TN-C and IT. 
    • Fixed or pluggable Surge Arrester Device.
    • Multiple-pole or single-pole products for assembly.
    • Contacts for the remote transfer of end-of-life information.
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    Improved continuity of service and safety due to :

    • certified coordination with disconnection circuit-breakers,
    • possibility of cascading between several surge arresters and circuit breakers
    • signaling the end of life of the product by flashing light
    • the strength of the connections,
    • remote monitoring of protection device state.


    Acti9 iPF K Surge Protection Devices protects electrical installations against transient overvoltage and surges caused by indirect lightning strokes in all industrial and tertiary buildings.
    They can also be used in residential sector with appropriate rated discharge current (20 kA).

    Each surge arrester in this range dedicated to incoming protection fits into a specific application:
    • Acti9 iPF K 65 is recommended for a very high risk level (strongly exposed site)
    • Acti9 iPF K 40 is recommended for a high risk level
    • Acti9 iPF K 20 is recommended for a medium risk level.

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