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    Easergy Flair

    Fault Passage Indicators for Underground Network

    Fault passage indicators for MV underground distribution networks

    Locate phase to phase faults on MV Underground network
    • Features

      Phase and earth Fault Passage Indicator (FPI) for local indication

      Flair 21D, 22D, 23D, 23DM: For integration in MV switchgear
      • Self powered by measurement sensors, integrated in MV switchgear or in wall-mounted box
      • Backup supply with super capacitor (Flair 21D) or Li battery (Flair 22D). Flair 23D and 23DM require external Vdc
      • Flair 22D includes a very high range of settings and an optional external light indicator
      • All earthing systems
      • Include advanced functions such as ammeter/Maxmeter
      • Flair 23DM combines FPI and Voltage presence relay functions, as well as Modbus communication

      Flair 279, 219: Wall mounted

      • Ammetric FPI, powered by LV supply + Li battery (10 year lifetime) or Li battery only
      • Configurable with dip-switches
      • Includes optional external light indicator
      • Wall-mounted installation

      Flair 5x8 and 5x9: Wall mounted (conforms to eRDF specification)

      • Flair 5x8: Directional FPI according to HN45-S51 eRDF specification
      • Flair 5x9: Ammetric FPI according to HN45-S50 eRDF specification
      • Powered by LV supply, LV + Li battery supply, or LV + supercapacitor supply
      • These products are commercialized only in France
      • They are presented only on the French Schneider Electric web site
      • Wall-mounted installation


      Standard Manufacturer Warranty: 18 months


      Reduce outage time and improve operation

      • Profit from the 45 years experience of a leader in Fault Passage Indicators and telecommunication.
      • With more than 500 000 units in operation, Easergy range is the guarantee of complete peace of mind
      • Benefit from the most state-of-the art fault detection features thanks to our renewed design


       Easergy flexible range of Feeder Automation for any Secondary Distribution network

      • MV distribution substations
      • Various options means an answer any type of MV networks and monitoring applications