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    Easergy Flite

    Fault Passage Indicator for Overhead Networks

    Fault Passage Indicators for MV Overhead Distribution Network

    Easergy Flite
    • Features

      • Flite110-SA:  single-phase MV line-mounted FPI
      • Flite 210:  3 phase pole-mounted FPI
      • Flite 3xx:  3 phase pole-mounted directional FPI

      Standard Manufacturer Warranty: 18 months


      Reduce outage time and improve operation

      Profit from the 45 years of experience of a leader in Fault Passage Indicators and telecommunications. With more than 400 000 units in operation, the Easergy range is the guarantee of complete peace of mind.


      • Flite 110-SA : ammetric FPI clipped on the MV line for resistive or solidly earthed neutral.
      • Flite 210 : ammetric FPI pole mounted for resistive or solidly earthed neutral.
      • Flite 3xx : directionnal FPI pole mounted for compensated or isolated neutral.

      Various power supply solutions enable Easergy Flite to answer many different kinds of MV overhead networks and monitoring applications


      • Easergy Flite 110