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    Medium-Voltage Motor Control Centre

    MV motor starter with vacuum contactor up to 7.2 kV

    • Features

      Motorpact is indoor equipment, designed and manufactured to solve the toughest power and process control challenges. Our motor starter features industry-first innovations that provide unmatched performance, reliability, flexibility, low maintenance and exclusive technologies.

      Motorpact S3  from Schneider Electric is a space efficient multi-motor solution for Soft Starters and Variable Speed Drives that can be configured for redundancy to maximize your system reliability.

      Technology: vacuum

      Standards: IEC/NEMA

      Rated voltage: 7.2 kV

      Busbar system: single/double (S3)

      Rated busbar current: 3150A

      Rated operational current: 200/400/450A

      Rated short circuit breaking capacity: 50 kA

      Rated peak withstand current 50 kA 3s

      Internal arc classification: AFLR 25 kA/1s – 40 kA/0.5 s – 50 kA/0.25 s

      Loss of service continuity: LSC2A

      Partition class: PI


      Easy to use

      Increased worker safety
       •Interlock prevents interior access when energized
       •Two position disconnector earths line side MV compartment components prior to MV access
       •Internal arc classified to Type AFLR

      Enhanced reliability
       • Molded housings, conductor castings mean fewer bolted connections and parts
       • Robust 3 mm construction
       • One design complies with all relevant IEC and NEMA/UL standards

      Easy to use
       • Eye-level control / metering components
       • Easily accessible cable terminations
       • Disconnector and earthing switch position viewing windows


      Compressors, chillers, pumps, ventilators, conveyors, crushers, fans, etc.