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Acti 9 iRT, iRBN, iRLI, iRC

Relays for final distribution switchboards

End of Commercialisation

Tiime delay, inversion, threshold values, analog signal levels

Acti 9 iRT,  iRBN,  iRLI,  iRC
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          A9E16065 Product picture Schneider Electric


          iRTA relay - delays energizing of a load-1C/O - Uc 24-240 VAC/24VDC
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          A9E16067 Product picture Schneider Electric


          iRTC relay- delays de-energizing a load upon opening- 1 O/C - Uc 24-240VAC/24VDC
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          A9E16070 Product picture Schneider Electric


          iRTMF multifunction time delay relay - 1 OC - 12-240 VAC/DC