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      Rate Analysis

      Identify energy savings opportunities in regulated and deregulated energy markets. A proactive approach can help prepare for current and future energy costs, regardless of market structure.

    Pressure to find energy savings in challenging markets

    Many commodity markets’ charging structures are rooted in monopoly and tariff-based structures, leaving customers with a limited range of options. However, growing non-commodity charges driven by climate change and legislative pressures, means that organizations are challenged more than ever before to find every single energy savings opportunity available.

    We uncover creative energy savings and cost optimization

    Our experience shows that energy savings can be found in many places. Most of our customers have significant potential for recovering historic overcharges following invoicing errors, as well as the chance to make cost reductions by optimizing charging structures.

    Your utility bills analyzed

    Utility Bill Auditing
    Our team begins with a comprehensive review of your energy usage pattern, operational needs and available utility tariff rates to identify energy savings opportunities. We then recommend the most advantageous rate structure based on your business needs. We continuously look for ways to control your cost by monitoring utility rate changes and any related impacts for your organization.

    Resource Cost Review and Optimization
    Our rate experts have found sizeable errors and returns for our clients by simply challenging the assumptions made by the supplier. This ground-up check of both commodity and non-commodity resource costs identifies overcharges. It also uncovers opportunities to reconfigure site-specific resources to best meet your energy procurement needs.

    Achieve energy savings with no stone left unturned

    No matter where you have sites and what suppliers serve your markets, rest easy knowing the best tariff rate is in place for each of your sites. Our commodity rate experts know how to leverage your usage pattern with utilities for the most advantageous contract terms or rate structures. We know you are eager to control operating costs. That’s why our thorough approach leaves no stone unturned and will find each and every energy savings opportunity.

    Create opportunity in regulated markets

    > Determine energy-related tax exemption qualifications
    > Ensure you are paying the best rate or tariff for your usage pattern

    > Identify utility bill errors and resolve them quickly
    > Monitor regional utilities and geographic areas for local opportunities
    • Business performance through energy procurement

      You can improve your bottom line with more focus on your energy procurement strategy. Find out more about the solutions we have created for customers in all markets.

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    • Meet our energy data experts

      Our team introduces how they manage data, analyze invoices, and uncover energy savings for organizations like yours.

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      Achieve more energy and sustainability success

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