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    Wastewater Treatment Plant Challenges

    Smart Water technology leader enhancing key processes and applications across the water cycle.

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    Increased Regulations

    More stringent water quality standards force Water and Wastewater companies to invest in new treatment technologies and processes.

    Ageing Infrastructure and limited CAPEX

    Water and Wastewater companies need to invest constantly to replace pipes, refurbish and expand their treatment plants.

    Reducing OPEX

    Water and Wastewater plants need to reduce operating costs, while facing the challenge of less capital for investment in new infrastructure or renewal of older plants.

    Climate Change Impact

    Weather-driven events are threatening the resilience and capacity of Water and Wastewater infrastructure.

    Ageing Workforce

    The new generation of personnel has created the need for predictive analysis and decision support systems in order to operate and maintain the Water and Wastewater infrastructure.

    • The Future of Automation Vision by Schneider Electric Peter Martin from Schneider Electric delivers a new vision for the future of automation that unlocks new business models for operational profitability improvement, safely and sustainably.
    • Altivar Process Water Wastewater Success Story Herning Water Utility has been working with Altivar Process to help optimise its processes and reduce its energy consumption.
    • IoT-enabled EcoStruxure™ by Schneider Electric Ensures Efficiency and Sustainability for WaterForce As global food demand grows, water use is expected to rise – making efficient irrigation critical. Schneider Electric worked with WaterForce to develop a cloud-based Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) mobile control solution based on its EcoStruxure™ platform and built on Microsoft Azure and Azure IoT technologies.
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