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STBNIP2212 Advantys Ethernet NIM Firmware Upgrade - Exec v.2.30, Kernel 2.03, Web 1.20.04

The purpose of this resolution is to inform STBNIP2212 users that the Exec., Kernel, and Web pages have been upgraded to the following:

    • Exec v.2.30
    • Kernel v.2.03
    • Web pagev.1.20.04

A single file named stbnip2212_upgrade_[k]_v.2.03_[fw]_v.2.30_[web]_v.1.20.04.exe, is now available and will automatically run the loader utility program when executed and prompt the user to enter the IP address of the Ethenet NIM. The Exec, Kernel, and web files will load sequentially and then reboot the NIM when completed.

Product Line

The new Exec., Kernel and web versions are field upgradable and will work with any STBNIP2212 Ethernet NIM hardware versions. The files for the Ethernet NIM can be found on Planet or as the Attachment to this Resolution.
  1. Version 2.30 corrects a problem where the Ethernet NIM would sometimes fail to go into Run after a power cycle.
  2. When power is cycled to an ATV31 when it is connected as a prefered module on an STBNIP2212 island, the ATV31 would come back up operational but the Advantys Configuration software would continue to display the ATV31 as failed. With Exec. v.2.30, the Advantys Configuration software will not show the ATV31 as failed after an ATV31 power cycle.
  3. Output values in the 'Data I/O' web page would retain their last value if the client communications was stopped, regardless of the fallback state of the output. In this version, the 'Data I/O' values now show INVALID when this condition occurs.
  4. The STBNIP2212 'I/O Data Values' web page will now display the entire 16 bit field when an Input or Output value is displayed in Binary. The display window on previous versions was too small and would not display the entire 16 bit field.
  5. The 'Save' option in the web page 'Network Interface Module Register' now works properly.
  6. The RS232 serial communications port on the Ethernet NIM would respond to any request, regardless of the address in the request. It now responds to the appropriate address.
  7. The RS232 serial port communications was too slow. Compared to Exec v.2.14, the RS232 serial port communications is now approximately twice as fast as previous installed Exec versions.
  8. Previous firmware versions of the STBNIP2212 had problems reading web page applets using Internet Explorer 7 browsers. These issues have been resolved in v.2.30.
  9. Assigning an IP via DHCP could take a minute and a half or longer. With version 2.30, the time to assign an IP via DHCP has been shortened to approximately 30 seconds.
  10. I/O modules on an island would fail to go into Ready if 15 or more Ethernet connections are made to the NIM during power up.
  11. The 'Process Image area' did not get set to zero if the network cable was removed from the NIM. Outputs would write the last data if the cable was reconnected. In version 2.30, the Process Image area is now cleared if the cable is disconnected and then reconnected. New data from the client is then written to the outputs.
  12. In Ethernet NIM Exec versions 2.27 & 2.28, assigning an IP using DHCP also required a valid Gateway address. If a Gateway address was not provided or was assigned, the assigned IP would default to the MAC derived IP address. Exec version 2.30 does not require a Gateway address when assigning an IP via DHCP.
  13. New Faulty Device Replacement (FDR) functionality: (Refer to the FDR User Documentation Attachment below)
    * Multiple FDR servers
    * FDR Functionality
    * Device Parameter file backup/restore
    * FDR Diagnostics

The following Enhancement is included in this upgrade:
  1. A Link failure occurs when there is a disruption in communications between the Advantys Ethernet NIM and the device (ex: PLC) communicating to it. However, the outputs of an island can behave differently depending on where a link failure occurs within a network. Therefore, to allow the outputs to behave the same regardless of where the link failure occurs, an option called Link Failure Mode was added to the web pages for Exec. v2.30 in the Ethernet NIM. Further explanation is provided in the attachment Link Failure Mode Option.

The following is an open issue with 2.30 that will be resolved in the next Exec release.
  1. A behavior has been indentified with version 2.30, which differs from version 2.14. After being on for approximately 15 minutes to 1 hour, the STBNIP2212 will reboot if the Rotary switches are set to "Device/Rolename" (DHCP mode) and no DHCP server is available to assign an IP address. The STBNIP2212 will not reboot if the Rotary switches are set to "Bootp" (default position) or any other position. If a bootp server is available and an IP address is assigned via DHCP, the NIM will not experience a reboot.

    A reboot causes the outputs to go to zero, which is the fallback condition.

FDR User Documentation
  • FDR_User_Documentation.zip
Link Failure Mode Option
  • Link_Failure_Mode_Option.zip