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How to Filter Vista Query to Return Daily Data Instead of Interval

In some cases it is only required to present daily (or hourly) data instead of every 15 minutes; in other words, the query should return one record per day instead of 96 records (24 x 4 records/hr).

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The Data Log Viewer Query Wizard shows the query that the Data Log Viewer runs against the SQL database to create the table that is seen in Vista. This query can be configured to put further specifications on what data is shown.

Please note that the following procedure will provide the interval data at the specified time (not the aggregated value on that period)

The following filter can be implemented in Vista > Data Log Viewer to only poll data on a daily basis at 2:00 AM:
Query Wizard

The result is:
Result 1

Similarly, for 2:00 PM, the following query can be used:
Query Adjustment 2

And the result:
Result 2

The following illustrates a filter for hourly data at the top of the hour:
Query Wizard 3

And the result:
Result 3

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