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Sepam 10 - Modbus remote indication bits for Protection Trips. Will these bits remain latched in the TRUE (or high) state until the Sepam 10 is reset following a trip?

For the Sepam 10 relay, as shown in the attached image, Remote Indication bits are provided that indicate when a trip occurs.  These Remote Indication bits can be read using Modbus communication.

However, it is important to note that these Remote Indication bits are not latched.  In other words, after the Sepam 10 sends a trip order to the circuit breaker and once the fault has been cleared, these remote indication bits will reset back to zero.

Even if the trip relay output on the Sepam 10 relay is set to Latching Mode, the Modbus Remote Indication bit will not remain latched.

In order to be sure to capture all the events from the Sepam 10, especially Protection Trips, it is essential to modify your SCADA device driver to read the time-tagged events from the Sepam relay.  Using the Remote Indication bits is not reliable, and you run the risk of missing events if a fault occurs during a communications outage.


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