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How does reverse phase protection work in EOCR-i3DM(Z, S, 420) / iFDM (Z, S, 420)

Reverse phase protection trips EOCR instantly within 0.15sec from the motor starting.
In that case you have to Check the phase sequence and cable direction of the power line going to the motor first. The sequence of EOCR internal CT is A(L1), B(L2), C(L3) from the left side. If the passing order of motor line to the EOCR doesn’t coincide with the order of EOCR CT or not same all the direction of cables, It trips by RP. In this case, change the order of the two cables among three. When the sequence of cables to the motor changes in the downstream side of EOCR , EOCR isn’t able to check the RP. The sequence of cables should be coincided from the power mains to the motor. If the RP is not an indispensable function or only necessary for the first installation and fixed in the site
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