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Does Vijeo XD have a "Popup" panel feature?

        Issue: Vijeo XD does not have the equivalent to the Popup Window or Popup Panel in Vijeo Designer. The procedure below will demonstrate how to build a similar function using the feature set of Vijeo XD.

Product Line: Vijeo XD, HMI, Magelis, HMIGTO, HMIGTU, iPC

Environment: Human Machine Interface

Resolution: In Vijeo XD, there is no specific feature called Popup Window or Popup Panel. However, it is possible to create a similar function using the feature set of Vijeo XD. To begin, we will need the following:

a) Create a Screen in your project.
b) Create a Content Screen in your project with ID = 1 (for example). This will contain the content of the "Popup" panel.
c) From the Toolchest, drag a "Content Display" object onto the Screen created at step a.
d) Set the Content ID of the Content Display object to 1 (or the ID you used at step b).
e) Since trigger conditions are reversed in Vijeo XD, create a converter that will invert a bool value from True to False and from False to True.
f) For the Visibility condition of the Content Display, set it to a BOOLEAN variable with the converter applied.
g) Create a switch to toggle the BOOLEAN variable created.

This procedure will help you implement a Popup Panel.
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