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Acti 9 iPF K, iPRD

Surge Protection Devices Type 2

Part of 9 Series

Surge Arresters Type 2, compliant with IEC/EN 61643-11:2011

Acti 9 iPF K, iPRD
  • Features

    Acti 9 iPF K & iPRD Type 2 Surge Protection Devices protect the electrical equipments against the indirect lightning strikes.
    The use of Type 2 Surge Arresters is recommended in the case of non-critical power installations.
    They are tested and rated according to the standardised current wave of 8/20 µs.
    With exclusive features, Acti 9 iPF K & iPRD DIN rail Type 2 Surge Protection Devices are geared to protect your equipments from indirect lightning strikes and improve the continuity of service.
    • Certified for short-circuit current withstand, Isc, up to 50 kA (IEC 61643-11:2011)
    • Maximum discharge current: 8 to 65 kA
    • Maximum continuous operating voltage, Uc = 340 V or 460 V
    • Suitable for any earthing system: TT, TN-S, TN-C and IT
    • Available either as monobloc or with pluggable cartridges
    • Multiple-pole or single-pole products for assembly
    • Contacts for the remote transfer of end-of-life information
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    Improved continuity of service and safety of your equipments thanks to:
    • Class 2 insulation: continuous safety for operators and unqualified personnel
    • VISI-TRIP™: quickly detects the defects of protection against the surges and reduces intervention time
    • Certified back-up protection coordination with disconnecting circuit-breakers
    • The robustness of the connections
    • Remote monitoring of protection device state (option)


    Acti 9 iPF K & iPRD Type 2 Surge Protection Devices protect the electrical installations in all industrial and tertiary buildings against induced or conducted surges caused by indirect lightning strikes.

    These Type 2 Surge Protection Devices can be used also for the protection of residential installations:
    • In every new house without a lightning rod (primary protection) it is now mandatory to install in the electrical switchboard a Type 2 Surge Protection Device to reach the IEC 61643-11: 2011 standard
    • In a building with a height greater than 10 meters, with several dwellings, if a Type 1 surge arrester is installed in the main electrical switchboard, a Type 2 surge arrester must also be installed at the head of each divisional switchboards in order to distribute the constraints
    • This complementarity of the protections is mandatory to meet the IEC 61643-11:2011 standard.


    • Acti9 iPRD DIN rail type-2 SPD, 3 poles
    • Acti9 iPRD DIN rail type-2 SPD, 4 poles
    • Acti9 iPRD 3PN with remote transfer Surge arrester
    • Acti9 iPRD DIN rail type-2 SPD, 1 pole