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Petrochemical plant success

Faced with instability, high energy use, and unplanned shutdowns, this European petrochemical plant decided to upgrade its ageing mechanical control systems. Successful modernisation fixed the issues and ensured process control stability, surge protection, and reliability.

Watch how our modernisation solutions can help you protect your plant.

Our turbomachinery control solutions
Turbine, generator, compressor, and drive solutions, as well as mechanical retrofit capabilities and our first-in-class comprehensive set of applied engineering services, allow us to deliver the full value to our customers.

TMC solutions and services

Schneider Electric offers a comprehensive suite of flexible TMC solutions and services. Over four decades, our global experts have enhanced oil and gas, petrochemicals, and chemical plant operations of all sizes. Our line of Triconex™ products covers the most critical assets, while the redundant and simplex Modicon™ platform covers general-purpose applications, including our Guardian control solutions.
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Solution features

  • Surge control — to protect compressors from surging, we integrate advanced algorithms with complementary process automation strategies
  • Compressor performance control — to meet process demands while maintaining operational limits, we offer efficient loading control
  • Decoupling control — to balance performance and surge control for optimal efficiency, we provide excellent decoupling control
  • Steam and gas turbine control; motor driver control — to provide seamless steam header control and machinery protection, we offer exceptional integrated controls


  • Reduces critical compressor inefficiencies and poor performance
  • Lowers risk of process disruption
  • Reduces risk of catastrophic compressor failures
  • Easy to follow control logic with intermediate results available in real-time

Boost safety and efficiency

With solutions and services for the fossil, hydro, and nuclear power market, Schneider Electric addresses all power configurations and needs for small to large reheat turbines. With more than four decades of experience, we have developed control solutions for general purpose and critical applications to boost safety and efficiency.
See how we modernised this power plant [PDF , 1.9MB]

Solution features

  • Generator controls — control for megawatt, speed droop, isochronous, voltage, power factor, and MegaVar. We also offer over-temperature limiting, excitation limiting, load sharing, and load shedding.
  • Automatic voltage regulation (AVR) — AVR solutions include voltage and current control, voltage matching with “soft start,” and bus voltage matching for synchronising.
  • Steam and gas turbine control — Integrated sequences and controls provide seamless steam header control and machinery protection for generators. We also provide control strategies for reheat steam turbines.


  • Protects critical assets from operation interruption and damage 
  • Enhances productivity and lifecycle of critical assets, such as steam turbines and generators
  • Enables performance monitoring
  • Enables improved asset management
  • Enables high-speed event recording

TMC retrofitting

TMC retrofits eliminate mystery boxes and outdated mechanical components. TriconexTM critical TMC controllers ensure 2oo3 voting for all trip inputs, electronic over-speed protection, online testing and repair, no single point of failure, and full instrumentation for automatic testing, and continuous diagnostics.
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Solution features

Our mechanical retrofit capabilities focus on actuators, power units, probes, and other physical components that deliver reliable, fault-tolerant performance. The solutions include:
  • Trip block assemblies (Quadvoter) — fault-tolerant, online serviceable, and SIL-rated speed indication: active and passive speed probes receive the speed of the turbine and brackets.
  • Custom hydraulic power units (HPU) retrofits — designed for high- or low-pressure hydraulic solutions.
  • Custom servo replacement and turbine redundant actuator control (TRAC) assembly — fault-tolerant, online replaceable, off-the-shelf components for two or three servo solutions.
  • Pneumatic actuator retrofits.
  • Custom linear variable differential transformer (LVDT) brackets for redundant and triple-redundant valve position feedback and control.
  • Thrust probes and brackets.


  • Reduces installation time through strategic use of laser scanning and other advanced reverse engineering methods.
  • Increases response and precision through high-pressure actuators and servo valves.
  • Simplifies maintenance through the elimination of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) components.
  • Increases service life and smoother operation with separation of lubricating oil and control oil.
  • Improves redundancy with duplication or triplication of system components.
  • More precise control — high-pressure servos and actuators provide excellent resolution with significantly lower hydraulic fluid flow providing increased speed and accuracy for control.

Quadvoter Turbine Hydraulic Trip System

Digital and engineering services for TMC

Leveraging decades of turbomachinery control (TMC) success, Schneider Electric acts as an independent consultant for TMC assets and projects. Our digital solution offers to monitor your assets, avoiding potential damage or equipment failure, which can decrease unplanned outages, reduce maintenance costs, and increase asset utilisation. Our traditional services, combined with current digital solutions, can enhance operational efficiency, economic impact, and return on investment (ROI).
Energy plant in Japan, oil and gas, power management.

Our digital solutions

Secure remote access

Secure remote access (SRA) connects Schneider Electric TMC professionals to on-site assets. This allows rapid site support for troubleshooting and resolving equipment control issues.

Our services

  • Front-end engineering design (FEED) – keep project expenses in check via pre-project planning, front-end loading, and feasibility analysis
  • TMC engineering assessments – expert assessments including reliability improvement, controls analysis, and field instrumentation
  • Commissioning and startup support – ensure that all TMC systems and components are designed, installed and tested according to your operational requirements

TMC Customer FIRST

A comprehensive, fee-based maintenance and technical support programme designed to extract and retain the maximum benefit from your investment across the operation life of your assets.

Featured products and software


PLC, PAC and Dedicated Controllers


HMI (Terminals and Industrial PC)

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1. Where are turbomachines used? 

Nearly every form of renewable energy with machinery necessitates the use of turbomachinery. Be it compressors, blowers, vents, pumps, or turbines – such turbomachinery solutions include a range of essential components for applications in producing, storing, or supplying renewable energy. Broadly, turbomachines are divided into two categories: the first is used to produce power. It includes steam turbines, hydraulic turbines, and gas turbines. The second is to increase the working fluid’s total pressure by consuming power. It includes pumps, compressors, and fans.  With the widespread utilisation of turbomachinery process solutions and advancements in the field, it is imperative to have the best-in-class turbomachinery control and process solutions to ensure optimum performance and achieve energy goals.   

2. What is turbomachinery used for? 

Turbine, generator, compressor, and drive solutions, along with mechanical retrofit competencies and an extensive range of turbomachinery solutions, enable operational excellence and optimised safety. Turbomachinery can be used for power generation, automotive processes, aerospace systems, and other applications across different industries.  Schneider Electric provides turbomachinery process solutions for general purpose and critical applications, improving safety and operational efficiency while enabling enhanced performance monitoring and asset management.   

3. Why are turbomachinery solutions essential?   

Turbine-powered process facilities must run continuously for a decade or more. This necessitates solid controls, reliable mechanical components, the avoidance of false trips, and the ability to repair and perform tests online. Mechanical retrofit solutions can extend the life of turbomachinery control equipment and enhance overall dependability by improving visualisation, diagnostics, and simulations – helping enhance operational efficiency by ensuring quicker turnarounds. Schneider Electric offers robust turbomachinery solutions, including software, safety systems, controllers, such as EcoStruxure Triconex Safety Systems, EcoStruxure Foxboro DCS, PLA, PACs, dedicated controllers, and Human Machine Interface.