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Easy9 XP devices

Protection devices: MCB, RCCB, RCBO, SPD, MSU, Bell, CT, TL

Fait partie de Easy Series

Part of Easy Series The Easy9 XP range contains miniature circuit breaker, residual current device, residual current circuit breaker, surge protection device, overvoltage release unit, Bell, contactor, impulse relay and comb busbar, all aiming at providing electrical protection to residential buildings.

Easy9 XP devices
  • Fonctionnalité

    With everything from enclosure, comb busbar to devices in the range, Easy9 XP range has been specifically designed to provide you with maximum electrical protection in residential houses and buildings.

    The range includes:

    • Miniature circuit breaker (MCB) for short circuit protection and overload protection
    • Residual current circuit breaker (RCCB) for earth leakage protection
    • Residual current device (RCBO) for earth leakage protection, short circuit protection and overload protection
    • Surge protection devices (SPD) for surge protection
    • Overvoltage release unit (MSU) for overvoltage project
    • Comb busbars for power distribution
    • Bell, contactor (CT), impuls relay (TL) for monitoring and controlling
    • Enclosure for installing modular "DIN" devices in residential environments

    For more information, be sure to browse into the latest Easy9 XP catalogue.



    Based on the collective experiences of Schneider Electric with long history of innovation and guaranteed quality, Easy9 XP protection range is the easiest choice to ensure electrical protection in residential houses and buildings.

    • Complete System: Easy9 XP protection devices are designed with system consistency and contain all the protections devices and accessories you need
    • Reliable: Easy9 XP protection devices are developed and manufactured by Schneider Electric with guaranteed quality control, and all certified with IEC and local standard
    • ”EASY”: Easy9 XP protection devices are easy to select with clear referencing and marking, easy to maintain with clear reminding message on the product, and easy to install with unified terminal design and wiring indication
    • Sustainable: Easy9 XP protection devices are compliant with global RoHS/Reach regulation to protect your family and environment
    • Available and Affordable: Our worldwide distribution network will make sure you can get it easily around you, with an affordable price


    Targeting towards the residential market, Easy9 XP range gives you electrical protection in residential houses and buildings, and provides you with complete peace of mind, ease of use and reliability.
    • Designed with the residential market in mind
    • Ideally suitable for individual houses and collective buildings.


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