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Welcome to the Schneider Electric Website

Welcome to our website.
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5 critical cost variables

When it’s budget season, your energy spend takes on even greater significance. See 5 critical cost variables to consider as you prepare to buy energy.

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Energy budget checklist

Our handy budget checklist looks at 8 components to consider when you’re ready to forecast your energy budget.

Your cost and our analysis driven by data

> Current energy contracts
> Fixed market positions
> Historical consumption data
> Anticipated rate increases
> Operational and facility changes
> Projected consumption data

Services designed to help you buy energy

Today, energy procurement, efficiency, and sustainability strategy interconnect as never before. Your organization’s programs can combine to deliver a clear path forward for business growth and active energy management.
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Claim energy rebates

Unclaimed energy rebates and other incentives are opportunities missed and dollars lost. Read on for more information on how to capture energy savings you might be missing.
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Achieve more energy and sustainability success

Visualize data

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Use energy efficiently

Drive sustainable growth

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