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    Taking meaningful action

    Concrete, meaningful action is the only way to address climate change. See how we’re doing our part and empowering others in the 2017 – 2018 Schneider Sustainability Report.

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    Earth Overshoot Day

    Bold Ideas for Sustainable Business Growth

    Earth Overshoot Day is the date when humans have used more resources than Earth can renew in the year. We could move the date by 21 days if existing buildings, industrial processes and electricity production assets were retrofitted using active energy management and renewable technologies

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    Let’s move the date!

    We’re partnering with Global Footprint Network to ensure that sustainable solutions for our planet are within reach. Together, we can move the date of Earth Overshoot Day.

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    Accelerating the energy transition in 4 dimensions

    Schneider Electric CEO, Jean-Pascal Tricoire says that the transition to low-carbon energy systems is achievable, but decision makers must act now to accelerate clean electrification, decarbonization and energy productivity improvement.

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    • Building a sustainability strategy A strong sustainability strategy begins with reliable data. Chief Strategy Officer Emmanuel Lagarrigue, explains how we harness connectivity to empower our own sustainability efforts and those of our customers. Hear how the company is taking an ambitious approach to renewable energy, delivering sustainable solutions to those in need, and striving for a carbon-neutral supply chain.
    • Schneider Sustainability Impact Since 2005, we have measured our sustainable development progress. Chief Marketing Officer Chris Leong shares the company’s results from 2017 and how the barometer has been reimagined for 2018-2020 as the Schneider Sustainability Impact with even more ambitious goals that will continue to help our and our customers’ operations become more sustainable. Read more
    • Sustainable Development Goals

      Schneider Electric aligns with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030. We’re committed to accomplish the 17 SDGs through our core business and five sustainability megatrends: Climate, Circular Economy, Ethics, Health & Equity, and Development.

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    A critical instrument for our sustainability journey

    The 2018-2020 Schneider Sustainability Impact goals reflects the sustainability megatrends and guides Schneider’s sustainability efforts by making our goals clear. Renewed and updated for 2018 through 2020, this fifth iteration reflects our holistic view of sustainability, how our sustainability efforts affect the planet, its people, our profit, and that of our customers. It contains our promises to our partners, customers, and the world. It is the standard by which we measure ourselves and hold ourselves accountable. The 2018 – 2020 Schneider Sustainability Impact statement is audited by a third party and progress is tracked and published quarterly.

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    80% renewable electricity

    10% CO2 efficiency in transportation

    100 million metric tons of CO2 avoided on our customers’ end through our offers

    25% increase in turnover for our EcoStruxure Energy & Sustainability Services
    75% of sales under our new Green Premium™ program

    200 sites labeled toward zero waste to landfill

    100% cardboard and pallets for transport packing from recycled or certified sources

    100,000 metric tons of avoided primary resource consumption through ecoFit™, recycling, and take-back programs
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    Circular Economy

    Business people talking in meeting

    Health & Equity

    70% scored in our Employee Engagement Index

    1 medical incident per million hours worked

    90% of employees have access to a comprehensive well-being at work program

    100% of employees are working in countries that have fully deployed our Family Leave policy

    100% of workers received 12 hours of learning in the year with 30% digital learning

    90% of white collar workers have an individual development plan

    95% of employees are working in a country with commitment and process in place to achieve gender pay equity
    5 pts / 100 increase in average score of ISO 26000 assessment for our strategic suppliers

    suppliers under Human Rights & Environment vigilance received specific on-site assessment

    100% of sales, procurement, and finance employees trained every year on anti-corruption
    Supervisor and worker using digital tablet in factory


    field workers in a Schneider Electric training class


    x4 turnover of our Access to Energy program

    350,000 underprivileged people trained in energy management

    12,000 volunteering days thanks to our VolunteerIn global platform

    Energy and sustainability for worldwide growth

    At Schneider Electric, we care about the many places where we have a corporate presence. This means playing an active role serving markets that consume 70% of the world’s energy demand, but also bringing economic and sustainable development to some of the most remote, off-grid communities around the world.
    • We help clients become more sustainable.

      Discover how Schneider Electric provides innovation At Every Level to help AEG meet their sustainability goals.

    • Achieving long-term goals

      “The ability to boil everything down to numbers enables us to communicate back to executive staff on how we are making progress — what gets measured, gets done.” 
      Ron Voglewede, Global Sustainability Director, Whirlpool Corporation

    • One label, many advantages: The story of Green Premium

      Our Green Premium ecolabel brings complete environmental information to everyone, from homeowners, building managers, and architects, to our distributors and OEM partners.

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