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Empowering lives through access to energy

Today, more than two billion people have little or no access to energy, representing 25% of the world's population. Access to greener energy offers a chance to live a better life. It can have a positive multiplier effect on all socio-economic dimensions of the individuals or communities: livelihood, health, education, security, and women empowerment.
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Our Access to Energy program combines three dimensions: a training entrepreneurship program, a social and inclusive business, and impact investment funds.

Bridging the energy gap in remote schools in India

We bring sustainable power to remote border village schools in north India with the help of The Art of Living Foundation.

Clean access to electricity for agriculture in India

Farmers use our solutions to reduce production costs and decarbonize agriculture with advanced control technology.

Empower West Africa with energy accessibility

With our support, GVE provides access to energy solutions in Nigeria and the wider West Africa region.

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Accelerating Access to Energy in Africa with solar microgrids

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The future of solar energy in India

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Empowering India’s rural communities

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Sustainability is at the core of our purpose, culture, and business as we accelerate our contributions to a sustainable and inclusive world.
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How do access to energy and local skill development enable a sustainable and inclusive future?

Schneider Electric offers access to energy for rural homes and businesses through dedicated product offers and socially responsible investments in a comprehensive portfolio of green electricity solutions. As the world’s most sustainable corporation and a leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, Schneider Electric embodies the vision of an inclusive and fair transition allowing people in underserved communities to build their future and create their businesses. Discover the Schneider Sustainability Impact (SSI) program that supports youth locally to receive professional and entrepreneurship training in energy-related professions. It ensures that they acquire the skills to build their future in an increasingly electrified and digitized world where access to energy is not equal. Explore sustainable and scalable solar solutions for off-grid households, villages, and micro enterprises, including Homaya Solar Home Systems, Mobiya Solar Lamp, and Villaya Collective Solutions. These improve lives by facilitating reliable, sustainable, and safe energy accessibility. Local traders and entrepreneurs in the electricity business looking for a bankable partner rely on Schneider Electric for dependable, environmentally conscious, and cost-saving energy solutions. Schneider Electric collaborates with its partners to fulfill its commitments to sustainability and inclusion by providing a range of products and individual and collective solutions for electrification at the local level, developing skills, and supporting entrepreneurs to live a better life.