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women in hiring


women in front-line management


women in leadership teams

50 Million

people with access to green electricity

Advancing gender equality in the workplace

Leading the way with gender equality

With 7 women in our Executive Committee, we are already one of the most gender-balanced company. Yet, we keep raising the bar of gender equality at all levels of the organization by eroding the pay gap, fighting biases, and with flexible work/leave policies.
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Closing the gap with energy

Access to energy, a fundamental human right

Over 700 million people still live with no electricity, limiting their quality of life, study and work prospects. This is unacceptable, so we work with people and partners on the ground to develop and serve adapted solutions that extend access to energy for equal opportunity development.
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Equal highlights

Fifth year in a row recognition

In Bloomberg Gender Equality Index for our strong commitment to promote and facilitate equal opportunities everywhere.

Available solutions for clean energy

With Solar Impulse Foundation, we identify and promote solutions that can be deployed at a large scale to expand access to energy.

Innovation and diversity go hand in hand

Hear inside out how diversity in gender, ethnicity and experience can result in creative and innovative outcomes.

New ways for new times

Lesson learned from the pandemic, it is vital to adapt our working policies, allowing for flexibility and family time.

Off-grid electrification is possible

Our cloud-based, remote management software platform can help installers connect to and manage off-grid installations.

Recommendations for a healthy workplace

Based on the study we conducted with the UN on implementing a holistic gender-balanced approach.

Leaving no one behind

In crisis and emergency situations, we work with NGOs such as the UN HCR with energy access solutions adapted to their needs.

Rewarding greatness

This is how we conceive our reward practices: equal pay for equal work and fair differentiation of employees’ performance and behavior.

Our Equal commitments contributes to UN SDGs

In line with our purpose to bridge progress and sustainability, our sustainability initiatives support the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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Diversity, Equity and inclusion

More on our culture, values and policies for quality diversity and inclusion in the workplace

Careers at Schneider Electric

Check out the latest opportunities for you and build your career with us.

Sustainability reports

Access Schneider Sustainability Impact results and reports, all in one place.


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How can equal opportunities at work and equitable energy access to communities create sustainable development? 

Schneider Electric aims to create equal opportunities at work in an inclusive environment where corporate diversity and inclusions are valued and extend equitable energy access to all communities to make sustainability a global and local reality. As one of the world’s most diverse, inclusive, and equitable companies, Schneider Electric believes in fostering diversity, learning, upskilling, and development for its workforce internally and providing energy access to all externally to tackle climate change. Explore our Equal Commitments charter that focuses on gender balance with initiatives on women to hire and train them for leadership and frontline management roles. It also highlights our efforts toward fighting climate change and social inequality through access to green electricity for all. We lead the way by combatting the gender pay gap and unconscious bias and by boosting inclusive and flexible-working policies, making life and career development for our people easier. We are committed to equitable, fair living wages, and expect decent work standards from our supply chain partners. Ours is a people company that embraces differences and builds an inclusive culture of respect where everyone is equal, unique, and safe to be at their best. Explore our off-grid solutions for green and reliable electricity where we work with our people and partners to enable communities worldwide to access commercially reliable, safe, efficient, and sustainable energy for equal development. Schneider Electric intends to improve the lives of people everywhere in the world by developing sustainable energy solutions and extending its support to an inclusive culture and equal opportunities at work. We believe that all forms of diversity bring real value and ecosystem empowerment to the company as diverse genders, ethnicities, and experiences can bring creative and innovative outcomes.