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Welcome to the Schneider Electric Website

Welcome to our website.

Schneider Electric leads the development of sustainable mobility in Hong Kong with a plan to expand its footprint to 15,000 EV chargers by 2025

  • Schneider Electric shares vision of the HKSAR government to drive sustainability with the popularisation of EVs by strengthening the provision of the charging facilities
  • Schneider Electric strives to collaborate with landlords, developers, carpark operators and stakeholders to expand the EV-enabled mobility network with its best-in-class, convenient and energy-efficient EV charging solutions
  • Strategic partnership with Sino Group to promote the city’s smart mobility development through the installation of over 420 EV chargers at Grand Central and the adjacent YM2, the new landmark in Kowloon East, making it the largest EV charging site at a composite / residential new development in Hong Kong

“Moving forward with our commitment to build a net-zero carbon world, Schneider Electric has been taking the lead in promoting sustainable transport by offering best-in-class EV charging solutions to fulfil the needs of the next generation of smarter and cleaner mobility. In Hong Kong, we are happy to see the number of EVs grown by more than 100 times in the last decade ,” said Jonathan Chiu, President of Schneider Electric Hong Kong, “as shown in the “Hong Kong Roadmap on Popularisation of Electric Vehicles”, the demand for EVs is expected to be on the up. At Schneider Electric, we are committed to progressing fast to support this initiative with our industry-leading innovations. Through close collaborations with all stakeholders, we aim to further boost our EV charging network by offering 15,000 EV chargers across the territory in 2025, with the hope of bringing more convenience to the EV community and making our city more sustainable.”

Strong commitment to empowering sustainable mobility from global to local

Schneider Electric is actively promoting the development of EVs locally and globally, with more than 150,000 EV chargers sold in 50 countries. In 2020, Schneider Electric also announced its membership with The Climate Group’s EV100 initiative to launch a Green Fleet policy which aims to replace 100% of its car fleet with electric vehicles by 2030. Locally, Schneider Electric has been striving to empower the EV network by installing their EV charging stations across numerous locations in Hong Kong, ranging from commercial buildings and shopping malls to residential estates, hospitals and the airport. To reaffirm its support for local EV drivers, Schneider Electric has recently added 7 new locations to Google Maps, including Lohas Park 6, Wings at Sea, MALIBU at Lohas Park, One Pacific Centre at Kwun Tong, as well as Novum Place in Shek Tong Tsui.

Looking forward, Schneider Electric expects to significantly extend its EV footprint in Hong Kong to cover more than 15,000 EV chargers in 2025. Its goal is to further popularise the use of EVs and support the growth of green transport infrastructure by providing convenient charging facilities for EV drivers.

Partnering with Sino Group to build the biggest EV charging site in Hong Kong

Schneider Electric’s longstanding commitment to sustainability has been reinforced through the recent strategic partnership with Sino Group (Sino), which shares the same vision in promoting sustainability, to create the biggest EV charging site at a composite / residential new development in Hong Kong.

With handover to apartment owners starting in May 2021, Grand Central - the new landmark in Kowloon East - together with the adjacent YM2, bring to the community a 100% EV-empowered carpark with a mix of over 420 Schneider Electric’s semi-fast and fast-charging stations. In addition to making EV charging more accessible and convenient for its residents and the Kwun Tong community, Sino is committed to contributing to the city’s carbon neutrality.

“With a vision of Creating Better Lifescapes, sustainability is integral to Sino Group’s every day operations. We are delighted to join hands with Schneider Electric to promote the use of EVs, as well as the smart mobility development in Hong Kong. This strategic partnership furthers Sino Group’s testament to sustainability, alongside our Sustainability Vision 2030 that set a clear direction for sustainability to be embraced across the Group’s cross-functional operations. Earlier in June, Sino Land has also joined the global pledge to support the Business Ambition for 1.5°C, a United Nations led campaign calling on businesses to set science-based targets aimed at limiting global temperature rise to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels and to strive for net zero carbon by 2050,” said Gordon Lee, Executive Director of Sino Group.

New smart charging infrastructure steps up a cost-effective and sustainable operation

The growing concerns booming EV market have major implications for carpark operators, facility management companies and landlords searching for ways to achieve greater control over the energy management within their properties, as the addition of EV charging infrastructure represents an increase in the electricity demand of a building. Powered by Schneider Electric’s EVlink Load Management System, the intelligent EV charging infrastructure ensures an optimized use of energy and a cost-effective and sustainable operation.

With EVlink Load Management System, the charging infrastructure owners or operators can monitor, control and maximize the EV charging more efficiently based on real-time available power in the property. By leveraging the existing power infrastructure, the EVlink load management system gives the flexibility to respond to an increase in demand and the EV charging stations can be installed without the need to upgrade the existing electrical devices in the building, while the system reduces costs and makes the most of their existing available power and ensuring building power availability. The system can adapt and limit the load dedicated to EV charging installations, define on-peak and off-peak time-of-use periods to optimize EV charging and avoid facility disruption and operating losses.

Schneider Electric’s EV charging solutions are made in France and are compatible with all models with IEC, SAE and CHAdeMO standards in the EV market. With the certification of Green Premium, these EV chargers are recognized with the efficient use of energy and natural resources, optimization of the total cost of ownership of customers’ assets, regulatory compliance and strong value propositions through third-party labels and services.


Schneider Electric established strategic partnership with Sino Group to install over 420 EV chargers at Grand Central and the adjacent YM2, the new landmark in Kowloon East, making it the largest EV charging site at a composite / residential new development in Hong Kong.

Schneider Electric has installed EV charging stations across numerous locations in Hong Kong, ranging from commercial buildings and shopping malls to residential estates, hospitals and the airport, with the hope of bringing more convenience to the EV community and making the city more sustainable.

Adoption of Wiztopic's Blockchain Certification Platform

From 2nd October 2019, in order to secure its communication, Schneider Electric has been certifying its content on Wiztrust. You can check the authenticity on the website Wiztrust.com for corporate communications.
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