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Schneider Electric Introduces innovative KNX interfaces

Schneider Electric and Le Pont by Vanke Hong Kong collaboration drives smart home living and sustainability

  • New KNX Multitouch Pro and KNX Push-button Pro interfaces feature award-winning design with customizable smartphone-style touch screen control
  • Innovative and flexible room function control for residential homes, small buildings and hotels
  • First-ever real estate deployment of KNX Multitouch Pro in Vanke Hong Kong’s Le Pont special units series – Sky Le Pont

Hong Kong, March 26, 2019Schneider Electric, the global leader in digital transformation of energy management and automation, today introduced its new KNX interfaces – KNX Multitouch Pro and KNX Push-button Pro, providing innovative and flexible room function control for residential homes, small buildings and hotels. Incorporated with the state-of-the-art KNX technology, Schneider Electric is committed to driving sustainability while bringing customers the ultimate convenient operation and flexible control for room comfort functions.

KNX is a standardized, open-system network-based communications protocol for building automation. Manufactured in Germany, the KNX interfaces have won four international renowned design awards, namely Red Dot Design Award, iF Design Award, Iconic Award: Innovative Interior and German Innovation Award, providing high-quality materials, stylish colors and modern design. It features an intuitive user-friendly interface, which enables control of multiple room functions with its open system on a single control interface, such as lighting, air conditioning and blinds, removing the need for multiple interfaces as was previously necessary. Users can easily swipe on the harmonious, contact-sensitive touch screen that is similar in look and feel to that found on a standard smartphone or tablet interface.
KNX Multitouch Pro features a contact-sensitive touch screen to enable control of general room functions such as temperature, blinds and lighting. It can be installed room by room from a central point and combines the functional versatility of a thermostat and multi-function push-button with the intuitive operating philosophy of a smartphone or tablet. Scrolling between functions is done by ‘swiping’ to enable simple and intuitive switching between and selecting of main screens – of which as many as eight are possible. A choice of two interface designs is possible: vertical or rotary arrangement – or a combination of both, which means that the interface display is always optimized, depending on user requirements and can be reconfigured at any time. In rotary display, up to eight main functions can be featured, and in vertical display up to 16. In terms of innovation, KNX Multitouch Pro excels in its ability to activate the most-used functions with a simple hand movement.

KNX Push-button Pro is designed as an extension to KNX Multitouch Pro, for installation in areas where additional local light and blind control functionality is required. Based on a high-quality design, KNX Push-button Pro gives users full home comfort control with its intuitive and easy-to-follow function symbols. These symbols can be backlit and customized according to individual requirements. The new KNX Push-button Pro ensures maximum flexibility for every single phase of planning and project design. Furthermore, the allocation of function type and numbers can be specified and altered at any stage in the installation process. Up to four functions for light, blind and scenario can be controlled with the KNX Push-button Pro.

Easy Installation

A major advance in this new solution, especially appealing to installers, is that the planning and commissioning of the new KNX user interfaces is extremely flexible and simple to carry out. Only two items are required to control lighting, temperature and blinds of all rooms, based on the number of required functions. The allocation of desired functions can be implemented at the time of the commissioning process. Furthermore, an ‘express’ commissioning feature enables rapid programming of the KNX Push-button Pro. This feature enables frequently-used functions to be predefined in the ETS Tool Software application. The allocation of desired functions can be modified at any time without any risk of losing group addresses. No additional power supply is required for the KNX Multitouch Pro or for the KNX Push-button Pro.

Ideal automation solutions for new buildings or retro-fits, and designed for hotels, offices and high-end residential, as well as the small commercial sector, KNX Multitouch Pro and KNX Push-button Pro are now available directly through Schneider Electric or Schneider Electric authorized distributors.

KNX Multitouch Pro deployment in Vanke Hong Kong’s Sky Le Pont

Schneider Electric’s KNX Multitouch Pro control units are deployed in Sky Le Pont, the 11 top-floor special units with private rooftops accessible by internal staircase of Le Pont in Tuen Mun launched by Vanke Hong Kong. With this first-ever real estate project collaboration in Hong Kong, Schneider Electric is dedicated in promoting Smart Home, Smart Living and Sustainability, under a shared vision and values with Vanke Hong Kong. The KNX Multitouch Pro in Sky Le Pont ensures intuitive and flexible room control for air conditioning and lighting via an easy-to-use interface for those 3-bedroom and 4-bedroom units.
From left to right: Mr. Jason Lee, Senior Manager (Electrical & Mechanical), Vanke Property (Hong Kong) Limited, Mr. Quincy Chow, Director, Sales, Marketing & Customer Relations, Vanke Property (Hong Kong) Limited, Mr. Sean Chiu, Product Marketing Manager, Marketing, Schneider Electric Hong Kong

With stylish design yet simplicity, KNX Multitouch Pro illstruates innovation for home control solutions, enabling users to enhance room control and their living experience with our top-notch home automation and building control system.

For more information please visit: https://www.se.com/hk/en/home/campaign/knx.jsp

About Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is leading the Digital Transformation of Energy Management and Automation in Homes, Buildings, Data Centers, Infrastructure and Industries.

With global presence in over 100 countries, Schneider is the undisputable leader in Power Management – Medium Voltage, Low Voltage and Secure Power, and in Automation Systems. We provide integrated efficiency solutions, combining energy, automation and software. In our global Ecosystem, we collaborate with the largest Partner, Integrator and Developer Community on our Open Platform to deliver real-time control and operational efficiency.

We believe that great people and partners make Schneider a great company and that our commitment to Innovation, Diversity and Sustainability ensures that Life Is On everywhere, for everyone and at every moment.

About Vanke Property (Hong Kong) Company Limited

Vanke Property (Hong Kong) Company Limited (“Vanke Hong Kong”) is the wholly owned subsidiary of China Vanke Co., Ltd (HKEx: 2022). Vanke Hong Kong is the parent company of Vanke Property (Overseas) Limited (HKEx: 1036) and holds a 75% equity interest.

Vanke Hong Kong seeks to uphold the Group’s philosophy of “Architecture – Our Tribute to life” by providing homes that centered around the customers. Vanke Hong Kong is committed to developing green and high-quality residences that feature state-of-the-art designs and enhanced communal facilities.

施耐德電氣推出創新KNX智能家居介面: 以直觀式操作及實用功能 優化家居設備操控

施耐德電氣與萬科香港攜手合作 全力推動智能家居生活及可持續發展

  • 全新KNX Multitouch Pro及KNX Push-button Pro 介面,採用屢獲殊榮的設計,其智能輕觸式操控屏幕更提供個人化的介面調整
  • 為家居、小型樓宇及酒店提供創新靈活的房間設備操控方案
  • 萬科置業(香港)(下稱萬科香港)新盤「Le Pont 上源」的天台特色戶「Sky Le Pont」是全港首個採用KNX Multitouch Pro的住宅發展項目

香港,2019年3月26日 – 帶領全球能源管理及自動化數碼轉型的施耐德電氣,推出全新KNX 智能家居系統介面-KNX Multitouch Pro及KNX Push-button Pro,為家居、小型樓宇及酒店提供創新靈活的房間設備操控方案。配合KNX智能家居系統的尖端科技,施耐德電氣不但為用戶提供方便靈活的房間設備操控,帶來極致的舒適體驗,同時更希望推動可持續發展的承諾。

KNX是標準化、開放式的網絡通訊協定,用於樓宇自動化系統。而施耐德電氣KNX Multitouch Pro智能家居系統介面於德國製造,配備高質素的物料、時尚配色及富時代感的設計,已榮獲四個國際知名設計大獎,包括紅點設計概念大獎、iF設計獎 、標誌性設計獎:標誌性產品設計獎,以及German Innovation Award。介面採用簡單易用的直觀式設計,開放式系統亦讓用戶透過中央介面操控多項房間設備,包括燈光、空調及窗簾等,減輕裝設多個介面進行分別操控的不便。備有輕觸式感應功能的屏幕跟一般智能手機無異,用戶可在彈指間輕易操控不同的房間設備。

KNX Multitouch Pro 配備智能觸控屏幕,並採用智能手機的操作理念,將多功能按鈕及溫度調節器等多個功能集於一身。屏幕可安裝於多個房間中再連接到中央操控介面,讓用戶輕易操控各個房間的設備功能,如溫度、窗簾及燈光等。用戶只須在觸控屏幕上滑動,便可輕易切換不同的操作頁面 - 操控多達8個預設場景。操作介面設有垂直或旋轉兩種顯示模式以供選擇,用戶亦可選擇將兩者結合,按個人喜好隨時自訂介面設定,優化介面顯示。旋轉模式支援最多8項操作功能,而垂直模式則支援多達16項功能。KNX Multitouch Pro配備創新的感應技術,讓用戶利用預設的簡單手勢,啟動最常用的功能。

KNX Push-button Pro 延續KNX Multitouch Pro的精巧設計,可安裝於需要額外燈光及窗簾操控功能的區域。用戶可透過KNX Push-buttonPro掣面上簡單易明的圖案,全面操控房間的各項設備功能,帶來舒適的家居環境。掣面上的圖案備有背燈效果,更可按個人需要自訂。全新的KNX Push-button Pro為佈置及設計家居的細節帶來極大的靈活性。此外,用戶可於安裝期間隨時調整操控設備數目及分配功能。KNX Push-button Pro可操控多達四項燈光、窗簾及主題場景功能。


這項嶄新的智能家居方案可靈活且簡易地規劃及調整用戶操作介面,為安裝人員帶來極大的方便。用戶只需安裝KNX Multitouch Pro及KNX Push-button Pro 兩款產品 ,便可按照所需的功能數目,操控所有房間內的燈光、溫度及窗簾。此外,其「快速(Express)」調整功能更提供了迅速的KNX Push-button Pro程式設定,安裝人員可於ETS工具軟件應用程式中預設常用功能,甚至在任何時間更改所需功能的分配,亦不會影響整體設備的連接。KNX Multitouch Pro或KNX Push-button Pro均無需額外電力供應。

KNX Multitouch Pro 和KNX Push-button Pro適用於全新或翻新樓宇,為酒店、辦公室、高級住宅,以及小型商用樓宇的完美自動化方案。兩款產品現已公開發售,客戶可透過施耐德電氣或其授權的經銷商購買。

KNX Multitouch Pro 智能觸控屏幕應用於萬科香港 - 「Le Pont 上源」特色戶「Sky Le Pont」

施耐德電氣旗下的KNX Multitouch Pro智能觸控屏幕,將全面裝設於萬科置業香港於屯門的新盤 - 上源 Le Pont的11個內置樓梯連天台特色戶「Sky Le Pont」中。雙方擁有共同的願景及企業核心價值,期望透過這次合作,致力推動智能家居、智能生活及可持續發展的理念。住戶可利用裝設於家中的KNX Multitouch Pro的操作介面或上源住戶專用的應用程式,靈活操控Sky Le Pont三房及四房單位的冷氣及照明系統。  

由左至右: 萬科置業(香港)業務部機電工程高級經理李向榮先生(左)、萬科置業(香港)營銷與客戶關係部董事周銘禧先生(中)及施耐德電氣(香港)有限公司產品市場營銷經理趙崇昌(右)出席傳媒簡報會。

KNX Multitouch Pro的設計時尚、簡約,充分展示智能家居方案的創新意念,透過施耐德電氣最先進的家居自動化及樓宇控制系统,為用戶帶來升級房間設備操控,提升智能家居生活體驗。

有關產品詳情,請瀏覽 https://www.se.com/hk/en/home/campaign/knx.jsp


我們深信優秀人才及合作伙伴促成施耐德電氣的卓越成就,並致力憑藉「Life is On」的理念,推動創新、多元及可持續發展,讓每個人在何時何地都能享受美好生活。www.se.com/hk



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