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VCF3 Product picture Schneider Electric
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TeSys Vario - emergency stop switch disconnector - 63 A - on door

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  • Main
    product name
    TeSys VARIO
    device short name
    product or component type
    Emergency stop switch disconnector
    performance level
    High performance
    poles description
    contacts type and composition
    3 NO
    network type
    control type
    Rotary handle
    rotary handle mounting style
    handle colour
    handle front plate colour
    suitability for isolation
    rotary handle padlocking
    1 to 3 padlocks 4…8 mm
    0 - 1
    mounting support
    Handle: door
    Switch: door
    fixing mode
    By 4 screws for handle
    [Ue] rated operational voltage
    690 V AC 50/60 Hz
    [Uimp] rated impulse withstand voltage
    8 kV
    [Ith] conventional free air thermal current
    63 A
    [Ithe] conventional enclosed thermal current
    50 A
    [Ie] rated operational current
    41.5 A AC-23 Ue: 400 V
    rated operational power in W
    11 kW at 230...240 V (AC-3)
    22 kW at 500 V (AC-3)
    22 kW at 690 V (AC-23A)
    30 kW at 500 V (AC-23A)
    18.5 kW at 400...415 V (AC-3)
    18.5 kW at 690 V (AC-3)
    15 kW at 230...240 V (AC-23A)
    22 kW at 400...415 V (AC-23A)
    intermittent duty class
    Making capacity ( I Rms)
    630 A at 400 V AC-21A
    630 A at 400 V AC-22A
    630 A at 400 V AC-23A
    [Icm] rated short-circuit making capacity
    2.1 kA at 400 V at Ipeak
    [Icw] rated short-time withstand Rms current
    756 A at 400 V duration: 1 s
    rated conditional short-circuit current
    10 kA at 400 V - associated fuse 63 A aM
    10 kA at 400 V - associated fuse 63 A gG
    breaking capacity
    500 A at 400 V (AC-21A)
    500 A at 400 V (AC-22A)
    500 A at 400 V (AC-23A)
    device composition
    mechanical durability
    30000 cycles
    electrical durability
    30000 cycles AC-21
    30000 cycles DC-1...5
    connections - terminals
    Power circuit: screw clamp terminals25 mm² - solid
    Power circuit: screw clamp terminals16 mm² - flexible - with cable end
    tightening torque
    Power circuit: