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A game-changer in maintenance services

Flückiger Electricité SA, a local leader of electrical installations in Switzerland, is using EcoStruxure Facility Expert to successfully deliver reliable preventative maintenance services to their customers.
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Improve your building's energy and asset performance

Discover how to reduce costs and meet environmental regulations with three IoT-enabled service solutions for small- and medium-sized buildings.
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1. What is Facility Management Software?   

Facility management (FM) software assists and enables organizations in managing their repair and maintenance programs via a web-based dashboard. The FM software helps businesses in saving time and money by managing their assets, buildings, and occupants more effectively and efficiently.    

With a resilient facilities management platform, the multi-site managers can efficiently perform a multitude of functions related to ongoing repair and maintenance, including commercial contractor compliance and sourcing, asset management, preventive maintenance scheduling, work order fulfillment, analytics, and invoicing. The appropriate tools allow FM teams to track usage of space, increase energy efficiency, analyze spending patterns over time, and cut costs while communicating with internal stakeholders and enhancing communication with service providers.    

2. Key benefits of smart facilities management software   

A robust platform will help in performing a multitude of tasks that are necessary to ensure 24/7 brand support across different locations while providing strategic insights into resource allocation and maintenance costs. Moreover, facility management software’s key benefits include visibility into work order management, streamlined contractor invoicing and payment processing, improved access to facilities data for asset management, repair, and maintenance management, preventive and scheduled maintenance, parts and supply management, etc.    

3. Why do buildings require facilities management solutions and services?   

It has become important to have effective facility management solutions, including software and services, for achieving efficiency of building management systems, optimizing protection, boosting facility performance, minimizing repairs, improving business continuity, and much more. For example, Schneider Electric offers EcoStruxure Power which gives a complete IoT-ready solution. Its benefits include protecting assets and people, managing carbon emissions and energy consumption, optimizing building operations for continuity, comfort and performance.    

In addition, Schneider Electric’s advanced services and software connected to the EcoStruxure Power platform offer an exhaustive approach for ensuring business continuity and increasing energy efficiency while meeting all the sustainability commitments.