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Empty or missing License manager's IP address in PME 8.x

The license manager is missing the floating license server's IP address and the inserting a new IP doesn't persist as shown below. This issue will cause PME to display a no licensing error although the floating licensing manager is fully functional and licensed.

Product Line
License manager, PME 8.x

Missing registry key that stores the information about license server.

** Disclaimer: this procedure involves registry editing, please back up the registry before modifying any section**

1- From the run command, open the registry editor by typing regedit.
2- Navigate to the following :
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Schneider Electric\Common\License
3- If the registry folder above is empty, please follow step 4. If the the registry contains "LicenseServers" and "LicensePortals" registry keys, make sure the string values have the correct formatting "port@IPAddress".
4-Create 2 new string registry keys :
Name: "LicenseServers"     Value= "27000@"
Name: "LicensePortals"      Value=  "8090@"
5- the port number and the IP address can be then changed from the license manager or directly from the above registry keys.

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