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Switchboard or assets exported from EPC are not present in Facility Expert

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Sometimes Switchboard and assets exported from Ecostruxure Power Commission(EPC) tool to Facility Expert(FE) are not seen in Facility Expert.

There could be many points when the assets are not received in Facility Expert when exported from EcoStruxure Power Commisson tool. Few are listed here:

1) Exporting an asset already exported by EPC user

If any of your colleague or you have shared a particular asset or switchboard from EPC to Facility Expert account before, you will not receive this asset.
If the switchboard has even one single asset which was already shared before, the entire switchboard(and rest of the assets) sharing will not happen
Example : EPC user has already shared an asset A to a Facility Expert User1, and the same asset A is present in a switchboard with User2 which has 9 more other assets in his EPC account. If this User2 tries to share the entire switchboard to Facility Expert to any other user, this entire switchboard gets rejected.

2) Exporting an asset to a wrong email

When there is no community created, you can export assets from EPC to Facility Expert by entering an email address. Please check if you have entered a proper email address before sharing the assets as this could be one of the reasons for not receiving the assets in Facility Expert

3) Exporting assets to a user who is not a manager

You will not receive assets in Facility Expert, when you are not a manager in the account.
When sharing an asset to Facility Expert user, do remember that sharing is possible only to Managers in the Facility expert account

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