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Pole-Mounted Load Break Switch

Disconnector switch up to 36 kV

  • Fitur

    SF6 breaking disconnector switch
    • Rated voltage: up to 36 kV
    • Rated current: 400 to 630 A
    • Sectionaliser capabilities
    • Active parts are maintenance free
    • Insensitive to the environment. Although specially designed for remote control functions, PM6 can also be controlled locally in manual mode.
    • Preferred control unit: Easergy T200P Manual operation by hook, stick or rod
    • Padlockable in open or closed position


    PM6 is the solution to improve overhead network management and automation and thus increase the quality of service provided to your customers, for their peace of mind.


    • Overhead networks up to 36 kV
    • Designed to be mounted on all types of pole
    • Possibility of manual, electrical or remote operation