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Spacial SF6G, SFP5G, S3D6G, S3D6GK3

Spacial SF Seismic enclosures

Enclosures designed for projects being carried out in areas of seismic activity, performs up to UBC (Uniform Building Code) zone 4

Spacial SF6G, SFP5G, S3D6G, S3D6GK3
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    Schneider Electric offers a range of LV earthquake resistant floor-standing switchboards. The Spacial range is among these, with an answer to each type of project for different seismic risk zones.
    Spacial SF Seimic solutions 
    From weak to strong earthquakes:
    • Standard Spacial SF & SFP has been tested to guarantee the right performance on seismic risk up to UBC zone 3.
    For very strong earthquakes:
    • Automation & Control and 19" rack applications.
    Spacial SF 5G performs up to UBC zone 4
    • LV power distribution up to 3200 A.
    Spacial SFP 5G performs up to UBC zone 4

    All tests have been performed according to the following technical regulations:
    • EDF CRT 91 C 112 00, Nuclear. EDF (French Electricity Board) technical specification.
    • IEC 61587-2, 60917 & 60297-2.


    Spacial SF & SFP 5G enclosures
    • Specific reinforced crosses on sides of the enclosure guarantee the mechanical withstand of the structure
    • Specific fixation system that avoid loosening of screws
    • Specific bars and handle to avoid accidental door opening under severe vibration conditions
    • Specific compact reinforced plinth


    • Industry in seismic risk zones: Automation & Control, 19" electronic, LV power distribution
    Also, Spacial SF & SFP 5G configurations enable to be certified for nuclear applications


    • Compact reinforced plinth
    • EDF-certified seismic locking system
    • Earthquake zones have been classified according to the UBC

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