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Wiser Asia

Connected technology for Home

Bagian dari Wiser

This complete home automation system operates with AvatarOn switches or remotely with Wiser app.

Wiser Asia
  • Fitur

    For installers and Property developers, Wiser Asia is Easy to install, maintain and promote.

    IP Gateway communicates via  ZigBee 3.0, the latest wireless communications standard, for a reliable connection between the different devices (switches, sensors, etc.).

    In a single connected home system from a single supplier, you are assured that all products work seamlessly together, ensuring programming and commissioning will be fast and easy.

    Thanks to Wiser app, everything can be done right at the job site:
    • System settings, commissioning
    • IP network settings
    • Add/delete devices
    • Edit device configuration (name, room)
    • Create/delete Moments
    • OTA firmware upgrades

    To install the same product configuration in multiple rooms: program the first room and simply copy and paste to other rooms.


     Wiser Asia  offers a Unique HomeOwners experience providing them more 

    Comfort & Convenience:
    • Moments  control
    • Temperature control
    • Entertainment  management
    • Lighting control
    • Curtains / shutters control
    Peace of mind :
    • Presence detection
    • Water  leakage detection
    • Door or window opening  detection
    • Temperature and  humidity detection

    Wiser app enables an easy customization:
    • Moments 

    The perfect ambiance for any moment. The Wiser app lets homeowners save lighting, shutters, and air conditioning settings and bring them back anytime they want.

    • Schedules 

    Lights, heating, and shutters programmed to individual  preferences, all set up by the homeowner in the Wiser app. 3 modes are pre-registered : Home, Sleep, and Away. They  can be changed with one tap to quickly adjust the settings.

    • Notifications:

    If there’s a water leak or an open door or window, Wiser notifies the homeowner via the Wiser app.


    Wiser Asia  is dedicated to the Residential market for either individual or collective buildings (condo flats)
    It can be implemented in new build  or renovations.

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