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ARGUS - Movement detectors

Movement detectors


ARGUS - Movement detectors
  Kembali   Proximity and Presence Sensors

ARGUS - Movement detectors


        The numerous design prizes it has won are only one of the many arguments for choosing Merten ARGUS surface-mounted movement detectors. Not only does it provides adequate lighting in areas a good distance from the light switch: it also puts uninvited guests into the spotlight - whether they want to be or not. Moreover, they can be installed very easily, have low-level protection to prevent intruders crawling underneath and can be cross-linked and adjusted easily via radio. And as you will have noticed, they look good, too.

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          MTN564419 Product picture Schneider Electric


          ARGUS 360 , polar white - carton
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          MTN565219 Product picture Schneider Electric


          ARGUS 220 Basic , polar white - carton