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    Report: ADMS boosts smart grid IQ

    With growing grid complexity, electric utilities require enhanced network management capabilities. An ADMS system is the perfect solution to fulfill that mission. What are the options, trends, strategies, and business models utilities could consider to thrive now and in the future?

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    EcoStruxure™ ADMS (Advanced Distribution Management System)

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    Why automated systems are key?

    Digitization and automation at all levels is vital in connecting users to the grid and preparing for future demands. Automation will see the human resources requirements change forever - Steve Cox, Engineering and Technical Director. #WhatsYourBoldIdea?

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    ANDAL melalui badai

    Menjaga listrik tetap mengalir bagi 1,5 juta rumah tangga melalui badai paling ekstrem adalah ide yang berani. SA Power Networks mengandalkan Schneider EcoStruxure™ Grid untuk pemantauan dan manajemen yang ANDAL bagi jaringan mereka yang luas, membantu membuat orang-orang di Australia Selatan tetap aman melalui kondisi cuaca ekstrem.

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        Creating a Reliable and Secure Advanced Distribution Management System

        Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS) solutions integrate supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) technology with other information management to enable greater automated control for more efficient distribution. This paper discusses the security criteria for making SCADA systems secure and reliable. Read it now
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        The benefits of Demand Response for utilities

        The European utility industry is changing in substantial ways with respect to electricity system needs, customer requirements, and regulatory policy. Network operators and managers face the inevitable adoption of Demand Response (DR) technology and practice. This paper details the unique ways in which each department within a utility can benefit from DR. Download the white paper
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        How the convergence of IT and OT enables smart grid development

        The goal for any utility that invests in smart grid technology is to attain higher efficiency and reliable performance. A smart grid platform implies the convergence of Operations Technology (OT) – the grid physical infrastructure assets and applications–and Information Technology (IT) – the human interface that enables rapid and informed decision making. This paper describes best practices for migrating to a scalable, adaptable, smart grid network. Know more
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        Leveraging EcoStruxure™ ADMS to maximize renewable benefits

        Solar is the most abundant renewable energy source available, but the ability to harness and distribute it alongside existing sources of energy is new territory for many utilities and ISOs. Accurate forecasting of this variable resource is critical for maintaining an efficient and reliable network. This paper will discuss how innovations such as advanced distribution management systems (ADMS) combined with weather forecasting can provide visibility and modeling tools to maximize the benefits of distributed generation. Read white paper
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        Enhancing utility outage management system (OMS) performance

        Traditional grid outage management systems suffer from two fundamental flaws: they lack an accurate, current representation of the grid network model and they typically do not integrate with the systems that monitor and control the actual grid. These shortcomings result in longer outages, higher costs, and in lower levels of customer service. This whitepaper outlines the evolution of utility outage management and describes how new Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS) tools address these two gaps. Read More
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      A leader in ADMS market

      Schneider Electric has been named a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Advanced Distribution Management Systems, with the highest scores in all 3 use cases in the Critical Capabilities. Read more

      Perusahaan Utilitas Memanfaatkan Advanced Network Integration untuk mengimplementasi strategi SmartGrid

      Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS) baru dari Unison menggabungkan SCADA distribusi dan kapabilitas manajemen pemadaman listrik. Baca lebih lanjut

      ADMS Field Client

      Field Client Schneider Electric adalah thin client berbasis web yang menyediakan akses ke permintaan kerja, perubahan rencana, insiden dan dokumen keselamatan bagi para kru lapangan utilitas. Field Client memungkinkan pengguna untuk melihat mencari dan menavigasi jaringan dalam pandangan geografis dan skematik juga untuk melakukan operasi seperti peralihan terencana dan respon insiden. Baca lebih lanjut
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