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What is the difference between AC-7a and AC-7b when choosing a iCT contactor?

These utilization catagories determine what load the contactors are switching: AC-7a are for slightly inductive loads for household appliances for example mixers and blenders AC-7b are for motor-loads for house hold appliances such as fans and central vacuums The following is an extract from the...

What is the difference between isolated and non-isolated coaxial sockets? e.g. GUE7011W

A non-isolated coax socket is a standard socket. If you wish to install a socket to connect your TV coax lead into, this is what is required. Also, this version must be used for satellite installation as a two way signal is required. The satellite box does not only receive a signal, it also...

What does light or dark switching mean when referring to photo electric sensors?

There are 3 main types of photo electric sensor used for detecting an object; Diffuse (sometimes also called proximity mode or direct detection). There is also a variation of diffuse called diffuse with background suppression (diffuse with BGS). Retro reflective (sometimes also called reflex)....

What are the possible causes of the SCF fault of a variable speed drive from the Altivar range?

An SCF fault is generated by the drive if a motor short-circuit fault (to ground or phase-to-phase) occurs. Because of the nature and the destructive effects of this fault, this information is treated as a priority and is handled locally by the power bridge of the drive, which immediately...

What is the difference between a VPIS and a VDS (SM6, RM6 power ON pilot light)?

VPIS (Voltage Presence Indicator System): According to standard IEC 61958 the purpose of a VPIS is to signal a voltage presence. If a lamp is unlit, it does not necessarily mean that no voltage is present (the lamp could have burnt out, for example). The VPIS is the standard offer. VDS (Voltage...

What are the Torque settings for NSX terminals?

Torque settingsfor NSX MCCB terminals below: 100amp and less = 10Nm and for 125-250A = 15Nm and for 400-630A = 50Nm

How do I connect a contactor and overload to create a Direct On Line (DOL) Starter?

Attached is a .pdf file with pictorial diagrams (1) of how you would connect the four most common variants of a DOL starter. They show diagrams for 240 and 415 VAC control. The most common for small Direct On-Line Starters (DOLs) is 415VAC, as this requires no neutral to be fed to the starter....

Definition of an oil-immersed type transformer. Find out more information about the oil type transformer.

A transformer of which the magnetic circuit and windings are immersed in oil. Oil-type transformers are used in power distribution or electrical substations. Their core and coils are immersed in oil, which cools and insulates. Oil circulates through ducts in the coil and around the coil and core...

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What is the difference between PNP and NPN when describing 3 wire connection of a sensor?

Most industrial proximity sensors (inductive, capacitive, ultrasonic and photo electric) are solid state. The term solid state refers to the type of components used within the sensor. Solid state electronic components such as transistors are used to switch the output of the sensor upon detection...

What size overload do I use with a star delta starter ?

In the majority of cases, the overload of a star delta starter is fitted below the delta contactor with wiring connections to one side of each of the motor windings. The other side of the windings are connected to the line contactor. This means the motor load is split between 2 contactors but the...

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