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Solutions and benefits

A unified approach is possible: Integrated Operations Centres transform industries via flexible, scalable operations management. Put all the data, expertise, and tools at your fingertips to:

  • Optimise operations throughout your value chain
  • Reduce cost/ton and get closer to nameplate capacity
  • Improve interoperability and resilience with integrated power and process
  • Improve collaboration leveraging remote and central monitoring
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Benefits of digitally integrated operations

Three competitive imperatives enabled by an Integrated Operations Management strategy in mining, minerals and metals.

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Integrated Operations Management

Integrated digital operations drive profit, efficiency and sustainability across mining, minerals and metals through the holistic insight of operations, from design to maintenance.

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Get a sneak peek at the industry's more connected, collaborative future with EcoStruxure™ solution for remote Integrated Operations Centre.

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AVEVA Unified Operations Centre

AVEVA Enterprise Asset Management

AVEVA Unified Supply Chain

AVEVA Production Management

AVEVA System Platform

AVEVA Historian

Solutions and benefits

Millions of dollars are lost each year due to preventable unplanned downtime and equipment failures.
From condition monitoring to advanced machine learning, and modelling solutions that identify subtle changes in system behaviour, our solutions identify the early warning signs that can lead to diminished equipment performance and unplanned failures.
  • Extend equipment life and reduce maintenance costs
  • Identify underperforming assets
  • Reduce unscheduled downtime
  • Prevent equipment failure
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Condition Management

Reduce unscheduled downtime, and achieve proactive maintenance through Condition Management.

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Predictive Analytics

Predictive asset analytics software helps you reduce equipment downtime, and increase reliability and performance.

Asset Performance Management

The most comprehensive Asset Performance Management (APM) solution to help you exceed reliability, safety and performance goals.
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Enterprise Asset Management

Mobile Operator Rounds

Solutions and benefits

Making real-time decisions based on information that is spread across various databases, applications and spreadsheets can be very challenging. But with our production management solution you can consolidate and manage data from multiple mines, plants and business systems in order to make better informed decisions.

The production management system works hand in hand with our pit-to-port unified solution for planning and scheduling. This tool takes into account the mined materials, processing, supply chain capabilities and costs to deliver an optimal plan that maximises profit.
  • Identify production issues
  • Manage inventory and quality
  • Track production and asset performance
  • Understand production costs
  • Analyse business KPIs
  • Sets targets for detailed scheduling, focusing on long-term efficiency instead of short-term gains
  • Quickly see how closely the schedule is being followed and adapt planning if necessary


AVEVA Work Task

AVEVA Historian

AVEVA Unified Operations Centre

AVEVA Unified Supply Chain

Solutions and benefits

Our secure manufacturing management information platform and interface delivers production management, performance analysis, quality control and regulatory compliance. This integrated approach helps to ensure that all facets of your operation—from materials and people to processes and equipment—act in concert to help you meet demanding product specifications and customer requirements.
  • Visualise and analyse production and business KPIs
  • Orchestrate your production from raw materials to finished goods
  • Improve efficiency, reduce costs and make better business decisions
  • Understand consumables usage under a production context


MMG increases asset utilisation by at least 10% across the sites standardising asset utilisation across five mines globally.
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AVEVA Production Management

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Discover how Schneider Electric leads a new world of energy with connected products, edge control, and apps, analytics and services.
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How to overcome the challenge of optimising the mining, minerals, and metals operations supply chain to get visibility?

Schneider Electric helps mining, minerals, and metals industries gain resilience and efficiency through digitally integrated operations, from design to maintenance, while maximising performance and profitability.

Discover how mining operations companies can achieve real value by unifying their engineering tools, data, people, and processes in an intelligent digital twin in the cloud.

EcoStruxure solution for Integrated Operations Centre delivers collaboration of power and process with remote and central monitoring, interoperability, and resilience besides optimising operations throughout your mining, minerals, and metals supply chain.

For maintenance operators looking to reduce mining operations cost proactively, our predictive asset analytics software solution provides early warning signs to identify underperforming assets and prevent unplanned downtime and equipment failure.

Asset Performance Management (APM) solution helps you identify, diagnose, and prioritise equipment problems and maximise reliability, safety, and performance.

Our unified operations and supply chain solution can help you consolidate and manage data from multiple mines, plants, and business systems to make real-time decisions.

Our pit-to-port unified solution for planning and scheduling considers the mined materials, processing, supply chain capabilities, and costs to deliver an optimal plan that maximises profit.

Our secure manufacturing management information platform and interface adopt an integrated approach toward production management, performance analysis, quality control, and regulatory compliance.

We ensure that all facets of your operations and supply chain — materials, people, processes, and equipment — work in tandem to help you meet demanding product specifications and customer requirements.