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How can I log into PLScada Runtime Project automatically on project startup?

If you have a project in which you want to write to tags on startup but you don't want the customer to have to login every time the Runtime Project runs, you can accomplish this in one of two ways:
1- You can create a user with low privilege level. Run the computer setup wizard and under the startup function option for client, use the Login function where the syntax is ("username,"password"), when the project starts up you will see this username logged in on the Runtime Project.

2- If you have ES_Common as one of your include projects, and you used the any of the templates in this Include Project to create your screens or you used the any template from the ES_Common include project to create a custom template for any of the pages you are using then you can use the function ES_LoginSystem(1) as a startup function. When you run the project you will see the text "Login" on the Login button instead of "Click to Login". If you want to login with another user simply click on it and it will ask you for the user name and password.

See below for a detail explanation of the ES_Common function:
ES_Common includes support for a system login account to facilitate tag writes without requiring user to login in. This is implemented by a user account plsystem which has privilege level 1 (tag writes, but cannot acknowledge alarms or shutdown system). The ES_Login function (described above and included in all ES templates) also has been modified to implement system login. This function uses the INI parameter [General]Systemlogin settings as follows:
0 Normal login and logout (logging out will actually log out of Runtime Project).
1 (default) Use system login. When user selects logs out, they are logging into plsystem, instead of logging out. Thus, system is never logged out

Also the function ES_LoginSystem(1) must be included in startup code (IOServer and/or Client).
Also this function is required on all clients, including remote control/display clients.

Note that the setting default has been changed from 0 to 1 beginning with the 11/16/11 release. Thus, to disable the SystemLogin support, one must specifically add [General]SystemLogin = 0.

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL211168 V1.0, Originally authored by RaDe on 04/10/2013, Last Edited by RaDe on 04/10/2013
Related ranges: PowerLogic SCADA 7.1, PowerSCADA Expert 7.2

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