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How to recover communication when OPC UA data subscriptions from BMENUA0100 server freeze ?

When running  the BMENUA0100 in continuous run without doing any PLC modification, power OFF/ON of the rack where the module is installed or Hot-Swap the module (unplug and plug back the module from the rack) for 49 days, it could appear that the values of data  subscribed by the OPC UA client becomes frozen and are not anymore updated while its quality remains good.
Note that only monitored items from subscriptions are concerned, the rest of the BMENUA0100 module is still running.
The problem has been identified and fixed. The fix will be integrated in the next firmware release 2.02.04.

Concerned Product Line

BMENUA0100 2.01 and below

We recommend detecting the freeze of subscriptions by programming a Health word (increase constantly) inside the M580 program and to monitor it on the OPC UA client or the SCADA in order to detect if the problem occur.
The health word remaining constant indicates that the subscriptions are frozen.
Then we recommend applying the resolution in order to recover from the problem.


The way to recover the connection is to restart the OPCUA server of the BMENUA0100:
There are 2 cases:
  • If the module is configured in Standard mode (rotary switch behind the module on Standard)
Hot-Swap the module (unplug and plug back the module from the rack).
  • If the module in configured in Secure mode (rotary switch behind the module on Secure)
There are 2 ways to recover the OPCUA connection:
  1. Hot-Swap (unplug and plug back the module from the rack) the module.
  2. Apply the Following procedure:

From the Setting “OPCUA” on the webpage change the security mode from “NONE” to “SIGN”, then “SUBMIT” and “APPLY”
This will force the OPCUA Server to restart.

Then, come back in “NONE” security mode.
Now the module restarts the OPCUA Server in NONE security mode.

This will prevent to reboot the module from power supply or by Hot-Swap.

Then don’t forget to download the “Support infos” file and give us the password:


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