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Welcome to the Schneider Electric Website

Welcome to our website.

One membership, many benefits

As an authorised partner through the mySchneider Retailer Programme, you can enjoy multiple incentives. Get innovative product information, training, business tools, better omnichannel marketing including in-store activities, and digital tools.

Connect with our experts and earn loyalty rewards such as exclusive promotions.

Are you ready to improve sustainability and grow your business?

Gain more opportunities with mySchneider Retailer Programme

Attract customers

Through this partnership, get the tools designed to attract more customers. This includes authorised dealer merchandising kits, authorised partner certificates, electrician referrals, and exclusive campaigns.

Grow your business

Take a sustainable approach to expand your business. Improve adaptability with the latest news, market trends, and staff training. Secure marketing support and sales incentives from Schneider Electric.

Strengthen partnerships

Benefit from the authorised dealer programme, enjoy access to exclusive VIP events and to our Customer Support Centre.

Explore our residential and small business offer

Our reliable, efficient and intuitive technologies help enhance living spaces and the lifestyles of their occupants. We offer a broad portfolio of small business products that give their owners safety, convenience, and a competitive edge.

Explore low-voltage electrical distribution products and systems

From circuit breakers and buses to enclosures, panel boards, and switchboards, we offer a full range of safe, reliable solutions for low-voltage electrical distribution applications.

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What is mySchneider Retailer Programme?

It is an online platform and application that provides customers and clients access to all the content, software, tools, and services to manage their business. With this solution, it is possible to achieve sustainable growth and at the same time attract new clients and business partners.  A well-thought-out growth strategy enhances the quality of services offered by the business entities by strengthening partnerships. That is why this online platform is a quick and easy way to enhance your experience noticeably. With our retailers programme, you can also search for new opportunities to expand the range of products, solutions, or services your company offers.