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Data Center Operation: Cooling Optimize

Dynamically eliminates hot spots and saves energy through intelligent cooling control.

Active cooling control for optimized resource usage and energy savings.

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Data Center Operation: Cooling Optimize
  • Koristi

    Cost Savings
    • Extend equipment life - Efficient use of cooling equipment reduces the need for maintenance and extends equipment life.
    • Energy savings - Delivers up to 40% cooling energy savings through optimized use of existing cooling equipment.
    • Uptime protection - Immediate identification and elimination of hot spots protects uptime and ensures business can continue as planned.
    • Benchmark report - Verifies energy and cost savings, as well as greenhouse gas reductions, achieved through the use of active cooling control.
    • Existing cooling infrastructure - Works with your existing infrastructure; direct expansion (DX), chilled water, economizers and evaporative cooling methods, and under floor, overhead, ducted and unducted airflow environments.
    • Manual override - Provides operators with the ability to manually exert control over their cooling resources and override the system.
    • Risk mitigation - In the event of an emergency, cooling units will automatically run at maximum capacity and ensure a cool facility, even if Cooling Optimize is unable to connect to and control the cooling units.
    • Temperature compliance report - Identifies if rack temperatures have complied with required set points, and the time period that racks have been in violation of the set point limits, enabling easy detection of potential physical infrastructure irregularities.
    Sposobnost upravljanja
    • Intelligent control - Temperature data is wirelessly transmitted to network gateways, aggregated, and analyzed by control software, which determines appropriate control demands delivered directly to the cooling equipment.
    • Dynamic optimization - Thermal airflow is constantly adapted to match real-time needs created by the dynamic environment in a data center.
    • Reclaim cooling capacity - Continuously optimized cooling capacity allows for additional IT load and increased IT capacity in the data center.
    • Influence mapping - Provides great insights into the influence of individual cooling units on the temperature in every part of the data center.
    • Večuporabniški dostop - Omogoča več uporabnikom istočasno delo na aplikaciji in brezhibno združevanje sprememb od različnih uporabnikov.
    • Uporabniške vloge - Omogočite dostop na osnovi lokacij in funkcij z večuporabniško prijavo ter različnimi ravnmi uporabniških vlog.
    • Wireless temperature sensors - Utilizes a range of wireless temperature sensors to determine the exact position of the heat load within the data center
    • Dostop samo za branje - Deljeni dostop brez tveganja nepooblaščenih sprememb konfiguracije.
    • Varnost z geslom - Zaščita z geslom, ki ga izbere uporabnik, preprečuje nepooblaščeni dostop in zagotavlja avtorizacijo prek LDAP in strežnikov Active Directory.