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Action is the operative word in the event’s opening keynote. Join Schneider Electric CEO Peter Herweck and industry leaders for a captivating dialogue on sustainability, taking action, and achieving real impact in business and beyond.

Watch the 2022 highlights: Global Keynote and World Premiere

Digital. Electric. Efficient. Sustainable.

Today’s energy crisis is bringing higher costs and supply uncertainty. Social and environmental changes are accelerating. So how can you build your company’s resilience and make your business thrive? Here’s why the best way to do that is through digitization and electrification.

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What is Innovation World Tour 2024?

It is a series of webinars and conferences during which our speakers tackle the most important issues related to energy management, automation solutions, and general strategies you can apply to embrace digitization. This is yet another edition of the event which has gained many recipients over the years and enjoys unflagging popularity due to the pressing matters and solutions that Schneider Electric experts share with participants. Available as both a virtual event and a stationary conference, Innovation Summit Paris 2024 is the most recent strategy talk and innovation conference of Innovation World Tour 2024. There, our experts talk about the digital economy and digital transformation that needs to happen to stay relevant in the worldwide market of industries.

How can you participate in the event?

The Innovation World Tour 2024 events are generally available as stationary conferences and as webinars that you can watch live from home. The easiest way to participate in this occurrence of the innovation summit is to save the date and add it to the calendar. As a result, you will automatically receive a notification about the upcoming Innovation Summit Paris 2024.

Why energy management and automation solutions are crucial?

Introducing automation solutions and appropriate energy management is essential for businesses and organizations in the digital economy because they can reduce energy costs, improve efficiency, and at the same time enhance the sustainability process. Another important aspect is the introduction of more reliable equipment, which mitigates downtime risk and makes industries better adapted to the requirements of the modern world.