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Adapt a right-sized sourcing strategy

The key to a successful energy sourcing program is the right contracts with the right suppliers at the right timing. Whether you buy energy in-house or use a third party, you need the most beneficial energy contracts with insights into your energy opportunities and renewable energy options for your energy budgeting process. Get a comprehensive energy management strategy designed to put you in a position to meet these objectives.

5 keys to buying energy better

Explore 5 variables that make your energy procurement so complex and why a one-size-fits-all approach may not work.

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5 simple ways to find energy savings

Meet your energy savings target. Take 5 minutes to explore these simple ways to reduce your energy spend.

Explore more energy procurement resources and perspectives

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Uncover savings hiding in your electric bill
With energy and data flowing, today’s energy market is evolving faster than ever. There’s more to your utility bills than you might realize. If you want to achieve energy savings, you must manage your energy complexity and prepare for the future. Find out where the hidden costs are in your bills.
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Global energy outlook

Get updates on the latest global energy trends, covering political influences, commodity volatility, non-commodity shifts, weather impacts, emerging market opportunities and supplier differentiation.
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1. What is energy procurement?

Simply put, energy procurement is the tactical execution of purchasing energy. But, strategic energy procurement factors in the external – geographic nuances, supply options, and supplier diversity – with the internal, including energy load shape and size, risk tolerance, and sustainability goals. As energy markets become more difficult to navigate, new technologies and evolving contract structures change the right approach to energy procurement. Achieving the right balance between cost savings, risk management, and commodity mix, including renewable energy and traditional brown power, requires an integrated sourcing strategy. This means energy procurement isn’t just the final stage of contracting for energy supply, but the comprehensive, competitive process that precedes it. Schneider Electric’s sourcing professionals are a team of highly skilled energy consultants with a deep understanding of geographic markets and energy market drivers, and the sourcing opportunities they present for clients.

2. How does renewable energy procurement work?

As renewably produced energy becomes increasingly cost-competitive to energy options produced using fossil fuels, our mission is to help our clients integrate clean, renewable solutions into their sourcing strategies. Wholistic, corporate renewable energy, and cleantech procurement strategies help uncover challenges and opportunities that arise as part of the renewable energy procurement process. Those opportunities may include offsite power purchase agreements (PPAs), onsite distributed generation, environmental attribute certificates (EACs), carbon offsets, or other new energy opportunities. Our procurement experts are well-versed in both traditional and renewable energy sources, including those still early in their development. We have extensive experience, global reach, and transparent processes to identify the right renewable energy projects and cleantech products for both commercial and industrial organizations.