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What’s a Data Centre Reference Design?

Schneider Electric Data Centre Reference Designs are validated and documented plans representing how physical infrastructure systems are configured and laid out as well as specifying the components used. The designs cover electrical, mechanical, and IT space systems.  Design Summary PDFs are available for download on this page. Each design includes an Engineering Package containing one-lines, piping diagrams, floor layouts, and an equipment list. The Engineering Package is available upon request.

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What is Data Centre Design?

The process of conceptualising and modelling a data centre’s structural layout as well as the entire infrastructure is defined as data centre design. It is undertaken before the actual development process and entails the logical and physical conception of the equipment and resources of a data centre. The design is put forward as documents and diagrams. 

At Schneider Electric UK, our proficient team assists in constructing a comprehensive data centre reference design. This offers a high-level conceptual plan that supports all planning decisions and enables the swift transition to the detailed data centre design phase.  

What are the features of Data Centre Design?

The primary components of a data centre design consist of switches, firewalls, servers, storage systems, and application delivery controllers. The design process would specify where the different data centre resources would be physically placed. It would also mention how the different resources would be interconnected and the arrangement of all the logical and physical workflows. 

Schneider Electric UK’s expert intervention helps you select the optimal data centre design that aligns perfectly with your requirement. Our designs come with a summary PDF that illustrates the performance characteristics and all of the essential attributes of the design.  

What are the benefits of Data Centre Design?

A data centre design supports a variety of business applications in the realm of enterprise IT. Here is a detailed view of the benefits.

• Manageability: A comprehensive view of the entire data centre facility is imperative for organisations. An automated design optimally utilises the existing resources and improves network performance. It improves centre visibility, facilitates troubleshooting, and leads to better overall management. 

• Budget: An intelligent data centre design minimises cost and makes application deployment easy. 

• Performance: A strong design empowers a data center to scale and maintain performance consistently.