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Power Monitoring and Control Solutions

You can’t change what you can’t see.

Maintaining a detailed view of the ins and outs of power for your facility is crucial for your bottom line. Whether it is a power quality issue causing shutdowns, or unnecessary energy use by equipment, you could be losing money daily.

With power metering solutions from Schneider Electric, you can gain control and start saving today

Power and Energy Meters

Stand-alone or embedded meters measure, collect, and deliver essential data from key distribution points across your entire electrical network. From basic to advanced, our meters allow you to gather accurate power and energy data, giving you the visibility and control you need.
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PowerLogic Connected Products

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Integrated Power and Energy Management Software

Turn power and energy data into actionable information. Our EcoStruxure power and energy management software provides a layer of intelligence across your entire enterprise to help you manage, analyze, and control critical energy for virtually any industry. Benchmark normal operations, monitor real-time conditions, isolate problems, and reveal trends, all from a user-friendly dashboard.
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EcoStruxure Power Advisor Digital Service Plans

Now you can increase facility reliability, extend equipment life and improve energy performance without spending any time doing it! EcoStruxure™ Power Advisor Digital Service Plans are designed to provide maintenance, support and improvement services for your power management system. Now you can easily manage your electrical system and keep your operations running smoothly without needing extra time or man-power to do it. With our advanced analytical tools and dedicated experts, we can help you to not only detect hidden problems, but to solve them.
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EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert

Optimize performance, help prevent power failures, and increase efficiency with EcoStruxure™ Power Monitoring Expert software. This complete, interoperable, and scalable power management software solution enables you to optimize your power distribution infrastructure, maximize operational efficiency, and improve your bottom-line performance.
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The Critical Issue of Power

Power is critical for any facility but sometimes taken for granted. Learn how EcoStruxure™ power management solutions can help you avoid equipment and processes issues, maximize reliability and efficiency, and improve your bottom line.

Identify Power Issues

Learn how a hospital used ION technology of power meters to correct power issues and avoid equipment and facility shutdowns.

Reliable, Efficient & Safe Power Distribution

Download the white paper to learn about new technologies to digitize your power distribution.
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