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The world is at an inflection point brought on by the short-term energy crisis and long-term climate crisis.
To tackle these dual crises, we must focus on energy — the source of 80% of carbon emissions.
Electricity 4.0 is the key to transforming the energy landscape with sustainable digital and electric solutions.
of global CO2 emissions are attributable to buildings
With a technology-first approach, existing buildings can tackle climate and energy challenges
In the face of the pressing climate and energy crises, one thing is clear: we need to accelerate current efforts to decarbonize. Vital to reducing emissions, retrofitting buildings with sustainable solutions fosters financial resilience, regulatory compliance, stakeholder alignment, and a strong ROI — empowering businesses to become market leaders and drive positive change.
Navigating the dual climate and energy crises

Globally, we face concurrent crises. The enduring climate emergency brought about by global warming has had undeniable consequences, while an energy crisis in Europe has created a worldwide ripple effect.

Widespread efforts to tackle these challenges are already in place. However, to meet global targets and address rising temperatures and energy volatility, operational emissions caused by building energy consumption must be reduced by 5% annually between now and 2050.

The advantages of digital-driven retrofits
Digitizing processes is the key to driving efficiency. Empowering businesses to monitor and track energy usage enables data-based decisions to reduce consumption and improve operations.
Electrification reduces dependency on fossil fuels and favors a source that can be decarbonized progressively over time.
Digital Solutions

Digital Solutions

Buildings that leverage Schneider’s decarbonization solutions can reduce whole building lifecycle carbon emissions by up to 77%.

Business drivers for immediate action action

Proactive measures enable businesses to avoid otherwise costly repercussions.

Why businesses need to decarbonize now

The cost of inactivity

Embracing sustainable building solutions is crucial to avoiding these adverse business consequences and charting a path toward a more desirable future.

  • 01

    Underperforming and overconsuming buildings

  • 02

    Wasted energy and excessive operating expenditure

  • 03

    Causing inadequate returns for people, profit, and the planet

Selecting the right retrofit strategy

Discover the impact of different retrofit models

View carbon emission reductions and key steps to net-zero.
10 priorities for net-zero buildings

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