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Harmony pushbuttons and switches

Discover a large choice of pushbuttons, switches, emergency stops, and indicator lights to cover most industrial applications. Available worldwide in metal and plastic versions, the Harmony line fits your needs for robustness, safety, and simplicity.

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Harmony XB4

Ø 22 mm metal pushbuttons, switches, pilot lights


Harmony XB5

Ø 22 mm plastic pushbuttons, switches, pilot lights


Harmony XB5R

Ø 22 mm wireless and batteryless pushbuttons


Harmony 9001 K

Ø 30 mm metal push buttons, switches, pilot lights


Harmony XAC Pendant control stations

Pendant control stations for Ø 22 mm plastic signaling units


Harmony XALD, XALK

Plastic control stations and enclosures for Ø 22 mm plastic signaling units (XB5)


Harmony XAP, XB2 SL

Metal control stations for use with Harmony XB4 and XB5 ranges Ø 22 mm control signaling units


Harmony XB6

Ø 16 mm plastic push buttons, switches, pilot lights


Harmony XALE

Plastic control stations and enclosures for Ø 22 mm plastic monolithic signaling units (XB7)


Harmony XVL

Ø 8-12 mm LED plastic pilot lights


Harmony XB5S

Biometric switches Ø 22 mm

Harmony industrial relays

Renowned for its robustness and accuracy, Harmony industrial relays offer an ideal solution for wired logic functions. Harmony relays hold a complete portfolio of electromechanical, solid-state, timing, control and monitoring relays, as well as counters and interfaces.

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Zelio Relay(s)

Electromechanical relays


Harmony Control Relays

Monitoring & Control Relays


Zelio Time

Timing Relays


Harmony Analogue

Analog Converters


Harmony Count


Harmony safety modules

Harmony safety includes comprehensive, scalable industrial safety offers, including a wide variety of safety switches. Harmony safety products help to cover the most critical safety functions for your machine, from acquiring information, monitoring, and processing to emergency cut-offs.
safety relay

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Preventa XPS

Safety Modules

Harmony signalling devices

Harmony signalling devices include tower lights, stack lights, rotating beacons, and audible alarms to provide operators with a reliable status indication and voice guidance to help them rectify problems more quickly.

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Harmony XVB

Ø 70 mm modular beacons and tower lights (up to IP66)


Harmony XVM

Ø 45 mm pre-wired modular tower light (up to IP54)


Harmony XVS

Multifunctional electrnoic alarms and multisound sirens


Harmony XVR

Ø 84 to 130 mm pre-wired rotating/flashing beacons


Harmony XVC

Ø 40, Ø 60, and Ø 100 mm pre-wired monolithic tower lights


Harmony XVDLS

monolithic beacons

Harmony HMI operator terminals, IPC, and EdgeBox

Harmony is the world's most popular family of HMI terminals. By meeting the unique needs of global customers, Harmony has proven reliable in presenting a clear picture of their business, application, and machine performance on a daily basis.
Human-machine interface with HMI software visible on screen

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Magelis GTU

Universal panel


Magelis GTO

Advanced Optimum panels


Magelis GK

Advanced Touchscreen/Keyboard Panels

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