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What can cause an PHF input phase fault on the ATV61 and ATV71 drives?

Published date: 11 May 2020

Getting a PHF( input phase fault) on the ATV61 and ATV71 drives?

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Drive error code displayed

PHF: input phase loss
This fault appears when an input phase is lost.
If 2 or 3 phase disappears while the drive is running, the drive will continue to run until the drive trips in another fault (USF for example).
This function could be disable by software with the parameter IPL=NO to supply the drive via the DC BUS voltage (range 230V and 480V).
Some drives (230V up to 7,5kW) have IPL=NO in factory setting because they can be supply in single phase.
Be careful, In the case where the motor is in generator mode then the fault doesn’t appear.
Be careful, the fault is stored in the EEPROM during a run.
Probable cause:
Drive incorrectly powered or fuse opened.
Loss of one input phase.
Use of a single-phase input on a three-phase ATV71.

Check the power connections and the fuses.
Use a three-phase distribution network.
Inhibit the IPL fault (input phase loss). 

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