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Can an ION6200 be used to measure only current?

Published date: 29 May 2020

Can an ION6200 be used to measure only current?

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Meter Wiring and Configuration

Installation and maintenance of the ION6200 meter should only be performed by qualified, competent personnel that have appropriate training and experience with high voltage and current devices. The meter must be installed in accordance with all local and national electrical codes.

The ION6200 can be used as an ammeter without any voltage inputs, but there may be some accuracy issues depending on the frequency of the monitored circuit.

For proper accuracy, the sampling rate is set by the frequency read from V1, otherwise, this value defaults to 60 Hz. 

If you are operating the meter in a 50 Hz environment, you may obtain better accuracy by having a 50 Hz input into V1. 

If the power supply voltage is the same frequency as that of the monitored circuit, the power supply leads can be connected as follows to inject the proper frequency to the meter:
Voltage Inputs      Power Supply
V1                  =   L+
Vref                =   N-
G                   =   G

Although the PT connections are not needed, the control power and CT connections must still be made.

See the ION6200 Installation and Operation Guide for standard wiring diagrams.

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