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Incorrect OS Loader description when updating a 140NOC78X00 DIO Head module

Published date: 02 April 2020

Goals and Symptoms
 This document addresses an issue when updating the firmware in a Quantum 140NOC78X00 DIO Head module. 
Facts and Changes
When loading firmware into a Quantum 140NOC78X00 DIO Head module, the OS loader screen for the firmware about to be loaded indicates that this firmware is for a 140CRP31200/140NOC78X00 Head as seen in the attached screenshot.  The reference to the 140CRP31200 is incorrect.  The firmware is only loadable into a 140NOC78X00 DIO Head module and is not intended to be loaded into a 140CRP31200 module.

Additional Information
See attached screenshot of the OS Loader. 

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