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Video: Creating a report subscription to email on an alarm in Power Monitoring Expert

Published date: 14 June 2020

Product Line
Power Monitoring Expert

Event Watcher Manager and Web Applications


Step 1. Enter Subscription Email Configuration (SMTP Server, "From" Display Name, "From" Display Address)
  1. Launch Management Console
  2. Enter username, password
  3. Select Tools >> Reporting Configuration >> Reporting Configuration Manager
  4. Click on the Subscriptions Tab
  5. Enter the SMTP Server IP address, "From" Display Name, and "From" Email Address
  6. Press OK
Step 2. Create the Alarm
  1. Within Management Console, select Tools >> Reporting Configuration >> Event Watcher Manager
  2. Configure alarm using Event Watcher Manager
    1. Select New
    2. Give the alarm a name
    3. Select the appropriate template
Note: Custom templates can be created using the Template tab. For example a common use case is for Sag/Swell events only, please see FA407306.
  1. If desired, give the alarm a description
  2. Select the device(s) that the alarm will apply to
  3. Press OK
Step 3. Create the report subscription
  1. Launch Web application
  2. Enter username, password
  3. Click on Reports tab
  4. Create, Run and save the desired report:
    1. In the Report Library, Select Report type (or create a new one)
    2. Setup the report parameters
    3. Generate the report
    4. Click Save button 
    5. Select the save location and press OK
  5. Create the report subscription:
    1. Click on Subscribe 
    2. Customize the subscription name
    3. Select an output format of email
      1. Click Distribution list
      2. Enter the email address of each desired recipient
      3. Optional: Enter a subject for the email
    4. Under subscription schedule, select On Alarm
    5. Set deliver report on alarm to the alarm created in Step (1)
    6. Optional: You can click on  to test the alarm.
    7. Click Save
For How to set up a Comms Loss alarm through Event Watcher and send alert in form of a report subscription in ION Enterprise, SPM 7, or PME7.xx, please see FA275287.

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