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What is the cause for error 7340 on Lexium 32?

Published date: 29 June 2020

Error 7340 is triggered when the drive cannot read the absolute position of the motor's encoder.

The cause for this can be one or any of the following.
Faulty wiring from the drive to the motor encoder.

Electrical noise on the encoder signal caused by EMC.  Check for proper grounding of motor, proper grounding of motor power cable at drive and proper grounding of drive.  
Do not route encoder cable near devices which create EMC.
Do not route encoder cable parallel to the motor power cable.  
Do not coil excess encoder cable. Excess encoder cable should be bundled in a zig-zagged pattern.

Faulty encoder within motor.
If encoder cable is not at fault and not routed near sources of electrical interference replace motor as final step.


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