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Which version of Vijeo Designer supports the HMIDT752 and HMIDT952?


What version of Vijeo Designer supports the HMIDT752 and HMIDT952 screens for the  Harmony (formerly known as Magelis) HMIGTU series?


Product Line:

Vijeo Designer, Harmony (formerly known as Magelis) HMIGTU



The HMIG5U2 is the current HMI CPU/Motherboard rear module in Vijeo Designer v6.2 that supports the HMIDT752 (15" Wide) and HMIDT952 (19" Wide) Touchscreens (as of August 2019).

Vijeo Designer v6.2 Service Pack 9 provides the HMIG3U the ability to use these touchscreens.

See the Table below for HMIGTU series support for these screens for each Vijeo Designer v6.2 Service Pack:

ModelService Pack 6 or olderService Pack 7Service Pack 8Service Pack 9

N/A - HMIG2U not introduced yet in this Service Pack

X - does not support the HMIDT752 or HMIDT952
O - supports the HMIDT752 or HMIDT952

In EcoStruxure Operator Terminal HMI configuration software (versions: Vijeo XD v3.0 or EcoStruxure Operator Terminal Expert v3.1+), both the HMIG3U and HMIG5U2 can use the HMIDT752 and HMIDT952 displays.
This is a different configuration software than Vijeo Designer.

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